DE4DEYE is a legendary class mod for FL4K.

Special Effects

Cut them down to size. – FL4K and their pets deal 35% increased damage to enemies above 75% health.


Affected Variable

The DE4DEYE class mod will grant three of the following bonuses:

  • Brand-specific weapon accuracy
  • Brand-specific weapon damage
  • Brand-specific weapon fire rate
  • Brand-specific weapon reload speed
  • Weapon type-specific damage
  • Damage reduction
  • Health regeneration
  • Melee damage
  • Weapon critical damage
  • Weapon damage


  • Clawing Shareware
  • Clawing Vulpine
  • Gouging Shareware
  • Pronghorn Mongoose

Skill Bonuses

Variants of the DE4DEYE mod may grant the following bonuses:

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