D1GN1TY-TP is an internal representation of Claptrap's dignity in the Claptastic Voyage DLC from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. He is found in Motherlessboard.


D1GN1TY-TP stands on a remote platform in Motherlessboard which is not accessible until the path to Memory Bank 4 has been opened (during the mission The Psychology of a Claptrap). To reach him, Vault Hunters must take a series of jump pads and then climb up a spur to get to his platform.

D1GN1TY-TP is a beleaguered old Claptrap unit, with a beard, tattered tophat, monocle, cane, and drink glass. He also exhibits signs of imminent failure, with a constant electrical buzz. He gives a single mission, Corrosion of Dignity, in which the Vault Hunters end up melting him down with corrosive damage, until all that's left is an eye, the monocle, the tophat, and the cane.



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