Cynder, Tribute of Frostburn is a respawnable badass-class enemy fought in The Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler.


Cynder, Tribute of Frostburn is one of the tributes alongside Fuse representing Frostburn Canyon in Torgue's "Hunger for Violence Extravaganza" and is paid to kill the Vault Hunter during the mission Grandma Flexington's Story: Raid Difficulty they are tasked with protecting the Schwartmann's Candy drop. She may also spawn during repeat runs of the Wattle Gobbler boss fight.



  • Cynder is an aggressive Burning Psycho-like enemy who prefers to stay within melee range.
  • Her attacks include:
    • Melee swings with flaming buzz axe
    • Throws buzz axe at range
    • Jump kick to close range


  • As with all the female tributes, she has no voice lines.
  • She has a gray psycho mask on her head and a skull akin to those worn by Badass Psychos in Frostburn Canyon.

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