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The Cyclone is a vehicle introduced in Borderlands 3. It is a light, fast vehicle that is operated by a single rider in a seated position inside a single large unicycle wheel. Cyclones rely on their speed and agility to avoid taking damage and are armed with a pair of cannons that can swivel through a full 360 degrees. Cyclones are unlocked during the story mission Hostile Takeover.

Like all player-controlled vehicles in Borderlands 3, alternative parts can be unlocked by finding or hijacking vehicles equipped with them and returning them to a Catch-A-Ride station.

Driver Weapon

Being a single passenger vehicle, the Cyclone does not have a turret weapon and relies on the driver weapon only. To compensate, the Cyclone's pair of cannons is stronger than the driver weapons of other vehicles. It also lacks the blind angle of those and can be fired in any direction, even backwards.

Part Description Acquisition
Heavy Guns
The Cyclone's default weapon. Fires the same bullets as the front-mounted machine guns of other vehicles, but with higher accuracy and two bullets per shot for higher damage output.
  • Damage: 771 per bullet at level 50
    • Calculation: 10.37 x 1.09level
Default part
Explosive Needle Launcher
Fires big needles that stick to whatever they hit before exploding with small radius splash damage.
  • Total damage: 2008 at level 50 (20% impact, 80% explosion)
    • Calculation: 27 x 1.09level
Captured enemy vehicles, e.g. in Desolation's Edge (Nekrotafeyo)
Sawblade Launcher
Fires high-damage sawblades that bounce off ground and walls.
  • Damage: 4497 at level 50
Captured enemy vehicles, e.g. in Devil's Razor (Pandora)


The Cyclone has the weakest armor of all player-controlled vehicles; compared to an Outrunner with no armor, the Cyclone has 85% as much hit points with stripped armor and 125% with heavy armor.

Part Description Acquisition
Stripped Armor
The Cyclone's default armor.
  • Armor: 19978 at level 50
    • Calculation: 0.85 x 290 x 1.09188level
Default part
Heavy Armor
Adds 47% hit points at a slight cost to acceleration.
  • Armor: 29380 at level 50
    • Calculation: 1.25 x 290 x 1.09188level
Captured enemy vehicles, e.g. in Desolation's Edge (Nekrotafeyo)


Different wheels add special driving characteristics, sometimes at the cost of acceleration. Top speed is equal for all wheels at roughly 80 mph on level ground.

Part Description Acquisition
The Cyclone's default wheel. Default part
Hover Wheel
Replaces the E-brake with a hover mode that allows gliding sideways.
  • In hover mode, top speed is reduced by roughly 1/3.
Hijack Target crew challenge in Desolation's Edge (Nekrotafeyo)
Wide Wheel
  • Improves agility
  • Increases hit points by +10% (multiplicative)
  • Reduces acceleration at lower speed
Hijack Target crew challenge in Floodmoor Basin (Eden-6)
Blade Wheel
  • More traction on all terrains, especially uphill
  • More ramming damage against flesh targets
  • Reduces acceleration at higher speed
Captured enemy vehicles, e.g. in Floodmoor Basin (Eden-6)

Mods (boosters)

Part Description Acquisition
Heavy Booster
The Cyclone's default booster.
  • Top speed: ca. 90 mph on level ground
Default part
Sonic Booster
Three successive boost stages of increasing intensity.
  • Top speed (stage 3): ca. 95 mph on level ground
Hijack Target crew challenge in Meridian Metroplex (Promethea)
Fire Starter
Leaves a trail of magma clouds that damages chasing enemies.
  • Top speed: ca. 90 mph on level ground
Captured enemy vehicles, e.g. in Devil's Razor (Pandora)
Instant boost that teleports the vehicle a short distance forward. Hijack Target crew challenge in Desolation's Edge (Nekrotafeyo)


Apart from the regular Cyclone, characters may run across other variants of this vehicle, differing in armor, armamanent and special equipment.

  • Heavy Cyclone
  • Blade Cyclone
  • Heavy Blade Cyclone
  • Hover Cyclone
  • Heavy Hover Cyclone

Depending on who drives them, they recive appropriate (COV, Maliwan or Dark Maliwan) prefix. Cyclones digistructed by the characters are always labeled as Cyclone regardless what armor, armamanent or special equipment might be selected.

Unique Cyclones


  • A Cyclone is used by Lorelei in the story mission Hostile Takeover. It will not attack other enemies and can't take damage.