The %Cu+ie^_^ki||er is a unique aftermarket glitch submachine gun manufactured by scavs. It is obtained from a loot chest at the end the mission The Sum of Some Fears.

Special Weapon Effects

KILLKILLKILLKILLKILL – Always maximal chance of Amp and Overload glitches, but zero Multishot and Loop. Unique voice module that yells "kill" on every shot.

Usage & Description



Switching weapon
  • No more killing
  • Sleep. Then kill.
  • Kill again soon!
  • K-k-kill
  • Kill! Kill! Kill!
  • Kiiill!
  • Killlllll!
  • Killy kill!
  • ...and couple more variants with different counts of is and ls.
  • Re-kill!
  • Make me killy again!
  • Kill some moooooore!
  • More kills!?
  • Make me more killy!
  • Kill again!


  • The weapon's voice is played by Catherine Moore, the actress who voices the NPC Cybil (along with several other voices, notably Janey Springs). Cybil provides the mission All the Little Creatures, where she first calls torks "cuties," then subsequently urges the Vault Hunter to kill them all.
  • The line "Kill some moooooore!" is most likely a reference to the line of Team Fortress 2's Heavy, "Cry some mooore!"

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