%Cu+ie^_^ki||er is a unique glitch aftermarket submachine gun exclusive to the Claptastic Voyage DLC for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel manufactured by scavs.
%Cu+ie^_^ki||er is obtained from the mission The Sum of Some Fears, from a mission loot chest.

Special Weapon Effects

KILLKILLKILLKILLKILL – Always incendiary. Always maximum chance of Amp and Overload glitches, but zero Multishot and Loop. Unique voice module that yells "kill" repeatedly.

Usage & Description

The weapon boasts good overall damage, both from the bullet and the fire effect, but where it stands out is the overload part of the glitch, when overloaded it fires slower, but while it consumes twice the ammo, it seems to do 10 times the critical hit damage, effectively it can become a pseudo sniper with its rather impressive zoom and accuracy, and given that it has reduced fire rate while overloaded, it has very low recoil, making it very impressive for critical hits.

However in the event it becomes amplified it can become rather difficult to use, as while it gets extra damage, given its rapid fire state it will quickly deplete the wielder's shields entirely.


  • %Cu+ie^_^ki||er can spawn with any grip, stock, and a select few accessories.


Switching weapon
  • No more killing
  • Sleep. Then kill.
  • Kill again soon!
  • K-k-kill
  • Kill! Kill! Kill!
  • Kiiill!
  • Killlllll!
  • Killy kill!
  • ...and couple more variants with different counts of is and ls.
  • Re-kill!
  • Make me killy again!
  • Kill some moooooore!
  • More kills!?
  • Make me more killy!
  • Kill again!


  • The weapon's voice is played by Catherine Moore, the actress who voices Janey Springs (among other characters).

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