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Customer Service is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 that becomes available on the Eridium Blight Bounty Board after Where Angels Fear to Tread Part 2 is complete.



  • Get refund checks: 0/5


The five refund checks are located in mailboxes spread out over the Eridium Blight. The closest one to the bounty board is at the Eridium Extraction Plant in the middle of the map, and this location is a Hyperion base that presents resistance from both robots and human personnel. Due to the presence of weapon lockers and a weapons vendor clearing out the Eridium Extraction Plant of enemies, and looting the area before collecting the first refund, provides an ideal starting point for the mission.

Once the first refund is collected a 3 minute timer start counting down, displaying the time limit in which to acquire the remaining four refunds. Each one collected extends this time limit by an additional 3 minutes.

The remaining refunds are at a Hyperion loading dock at the edge of map, at far east end of the Slag Scar, and three bandit camps between Mount Hellsfont and the connection to Sawtooth Cauldron.

One way to make the mission easier is to leave a vehicle near one of the refund checks before the mission starts then teleport to the vehicle.


"You have retrieved Marcus's refund checks, keeping his profit margin in its usual place. Marcus's lack-of-a-conscience will rest easy tonight."

Turn In: Jack Bounty Statue

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