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Vladof Rapier

A cursed weapon

Cursed items are unique weapons, shields, and relics that impose a notable drawback in exchange for their unique benefits. Their itemcards feature a second turquoise-colored flavor text in addition to the red flavor text. Cursed items are exclusive to the Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty DLC and are obtained by completing the optional Message In A Bottle missions.

Cursed weapons and items[]

Orphan Maker - a cursed shotgun

  • Curse of the Nefarious Backlash! - Every shot fired deals damage to the wielder's shield or health.

Rapier - a cursed assault rifle

  • Curse of the Porcelain Fist! - the wielder takes increased damage from melee attacks.

Captain Blade's Manly Man Shield - a cursed shield

  • Curse of the Elementals! - wearer takes increased damage from elemental sources.

Captain Blade's Midnight Star - a cursed grenade mod

  • Curse of the Cackling Designer! - spawns child grenades that seek out the thrower and detonate.

Captain Blade's Otto Idol - a cursed relic

  • Curse of the Sudden-er Death! – reduces Fight for Your Life duration by approximately 3 seconds.

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