Cult of The Vault is a type of challenge in Borderlands 2, with each completion of the challenge giving a small amount of Badass Rank. The objective of Cult of the Vault is to discover hidden Vault Symbols throughout Pandora.

The number of Vault symbols in every location varies from 0 to 5, as indicated on the Challenges window in the Badass Rank page of the ECHO communicator interface. Most Vault symbols are found on walls and objects that are in hard-to-reach and/or hidden places. They vary in size from roughly 2 inches to 10 feet (5 cm to 3 m) in diameter.


Borderlands 2

Arid Nexus - Boneyard

  • On top of the eridium pipe, near the crack created to get access to the Info Stockade. A nearby ramp next to the Loader Maintenance Depot allows easy access to the top of the pipe.
  • Upon entering the area via Fast Travel, head south towards the out of bounds gun tower. The vault symbol is carved on to the side of it.

Bloodshot Ramparts

  • After crossing the container bridge and going straight ahead, there is a ramp directly to the right of the portable toilet chest. The symbol is underneath the ramp. For reference, a Badass loader is fought next to the symbol during the mission A Dam Fine Rescue.

Bloodshot Stronghold

  • In the area with the prison cells, climb the ladder near cell 06 and walk to find three pipes. Jump on them and walk to the control room in the opposite side.
  • This symbol is only accessible during or after completing the Splinter Group optional mission. Just before jumping into the hole with sliding door after contacting the escapees for pizza, look to the right side. The symbol is on the wall.

Caustic Caverns

  • When going up the ladder from Deep Core 06 (near the spiderant hive), halfway up turn around. The symbol is on the wall at the end of a short hallway.
  • Near the NW corner of the map by the single tombstone with a mining pick stuck in it. Go behind the cliff face to the left of the tombstone.

End of the Line

  • Halfway through the map, look on the left support pylon of the bridge near the remains of the train (facing away from the train).

Eridium Blight

  • The bandit camp just south of the Lover's Leap, outside of a container. The mark is on the east side of the container.
  • (southwest) At the exit to Hero's Pass, on the south wall of the small bunker outside the gate
  • (middle) in the Hyperion area (the Eridium Extraction Plant) on the north side of the building ground floor (near the vending machines).

Fink's Slaughterhouse

  • In the arena itself, facing the large 'Slaughterhouse' sign on the top level, the symbol is to the right on the back of a pillar.

Friendship Gulag

  • Go to the north of the map where the constructor W4R-D3N is located, turn west, and then check a narrow lane between a large Hyperion crate and the wall. The Symbol is at the end of the lane on the crate.

Frostburn Canyon

  • (NE) When entering the first cave at Blisterpus Camp there is a small tunnel just past the save point. Go up the winding ramp and the symbol is on the floor in front of a burning barrel right before the cave exit.
  • (NW) Outside the Firehawk's hideout, to the right, in the area with the ice pit and ladder. Drop down and it's on the right wall.

Hero's Pass

  • On the mountainside next to the Ammo Vending Machine in the beginning.
  • Cross the last bridge and head down the stairs to the right. Turn around and underneath the stairs are two support beams. The symbol is on the second support beam.


  • (Center) In the main town, on the eastern section of the roof of the pharmacy (where Dukino's medicine is found). Note - Symbol is on the roof on last structure at the back of the pharmacy.
  • (North) The symbol is on the roof of the building between the green and blue shacks, opposite the sheriff's building. Easiest way to access it: take the elevator to gain access to the upper level (note, this is initially blocked by an electric field and must be disabled by a fuse box on ground level by a shack near the exit of the tunnel); once up top, jump on the car loot crate and then ontop of the building; jump down onto the containers below and look down between, the symbol will be visible. Note - there will also be a vehicle hanging off partially by the blue and green structure.

Natural Selection Annex

  • On the ceiling of the broken Hyperion crate in the northeast-center area of map.


Ground floor looking at the deck

Looking at the symbol

  • From the fast travel, go right and down some stairs to a shallow pond with a walkway. The symbol is on the underside of the walkway directly over the pond. Get into the water and go below the walkway, look up to see the symbol on the underside of the walkway.
  • In the NW corner of The Pits, one of the pits has one board nailed between each of the steel beams; these boards prevent the player from following in for about 80% of the hole. Follow the exposed stairway into the pit to reach the sandy bottom. Do not go into the adjoining tunnel, instead turn around and hop over a pipe that goes from the wall to the cement block with a short ladder. Crouch below the large platform and walk to the end of the crossbeam. The symbol is on the backside of the crossbeam.

Ore Chasm

  • Underneath the elevator that takes players down to the arena.



Cult of the Vault Locations - Sanctuary-0

  • Just outside the west entrance to Moxxi's Place. When facing this entrance (i.e.: facing east), the symbol is on the right on a house (south). It is a very small symbol on the left side wall of a grey security vault like door.
  • Inside Scooter's Garage, below the stairs, and behind a pile of tires.
  • First jump onto the roof at the NW of town center in front of HQ, in front of which stands an oval shaped ad board reading 'GAS-GUNS-GRUB DAHL'. There are two ways to reach it - jump onto the tires below the ad board, from there onto the clear awning to the left (while facing the roof), then up to the roof. The other is to jump out from the 2nd floor balcony of Crimson Raider HQ and pass through the rooftops to the right. After reaching that roof, jump onto the chimney, then onto the roof behind that, then onto the curved roof to the left. From the narrow flat section on top of the curved roof, make a running leap across to the roofs above the "This Just In!" vendor. Move up the roof and directly southwest away from the "This Just In!" vendor. There is a small drop down to an area with some boxes and the Cult symbol on the floor.
  • In the alley that ends with Marcus Munitions, there are two signs with five yellow bullets. Roughly opposite the alley from that is a short alley with trash. The symbol is on the wall behind and partially blocked by the trash bin.
  • On a second floor door in a building to the left of the Black Market. Start at the two signs with five yellow bullets in the Marcus Munitions alley. Roughly opposite the alley from the two signs is a bench. Jump from the bench onto the awning to the left of the bench - carefully position the character so that the roof doesn't block the jump, then jump straight up. Turn and jump onto the awning on the left. Once there, jump onto the roof. Look at the Guns sign. Beyond that on the building across the alley is a pile of trash on the roof. Jump across to the trash. Follow the roof there until there is a balcony to drop down to. The symbol is on the door.

Sanctuary Hole

  • When entering from the Three horns divide entrance, follow the path to the left. After reaching the first full flight of stairs, go up the first flight, then straight ahead underneath the next flight around the corner of the building. It's on the side of the building facing the hole.

Sawtooth Cauldron

  • Go all the way to that small area furthest west. It's in the cargo freight on the left inner wall.
  • Take the elevator all the way to the top of Buzzards Nest. Push the elevator button to send it back down. Drop down the shaft and land on the girder with the Red Chest. Jump to the other side of the shaft, two girders down. The symbol will be on the right, facing the outside of the elevator.

Southern Shelf

  • Go to the safe house containing the Zed machine from which a shield has to be purchased in the Shielded Favors mission. Exit out the rear and turn right. Look for a metal slope up the side of the safe house. Using that, jump onto the roof/porch of the safe house and look on the floor.
  • Go up the Soaring Dragon. Travel to where the lever that is used to transport Claptrap is (just past the lever is the save point and ammo store before fighting Captain Flynt). There is a large opening in the wall next to the lever. It leads to one of the floors of the ship (above the room with the shipping containers and toilets). Jump in, go to the far end of the room, look left and then jump across the platforms all the way to the room opposite. Symbol is on the floor.

Southern Shelf - Bay

  • Between two portholes on the starboard side of a shipwrecked boat in the southwest, past where the bullymongs live. (A Save Point is next to the boat.)
  • In the easternmost part of the bandit fort. Run through the bandit fort all the way to the end. On the left are some stairs. Head up the first stairs, and turn right. Jump over the crates and turn right again. The Vault symbol can be found a bit higher on the building (look up).

Southpaw Steam & Power

  • In the first room with the big pit, jump down and look in the alcove to the right.
  • Go east from the first assassin (Wot's) portal, to the large backlit fan on the wall, over the pit with the spinning gear. (The second assassin's portal is to the north of this.) The symbol is up on the wall to the right, over some machinery. Use the section of rail to run and jump to the pipe.
  • Two-thirds of the way through Assassin Reethe's room (the third), there is a large spinning gear to east. The symbol is on the wall directly to the south. To get to it, go around to the right and jump from the raised yellow railing.

Terramorphous Peak

  • Left of the elevator lift near the vending machines. There is a skeleton marking where to land.
  • On the bottom of the rock that holds the opening platform, right above the area where Terramorphous appears. In a solo game, a masher tentacle must fling the player up to reach it. In co-op an alternative method (as illustrated in this video) is for one player to jump down and trigger the platform while another waits a short time and then jumps down, catching the gate as it closes and enabling the symbol to be reached.

The Bunker

  • Underneath the waterfall there is a circular walkway with an entrance to a weapon chest. Before entering the room, there are several crates off to the right. Go over the crates and onto a ledge. The symbol is concealed behind vegetation.

The Dust

  • (SW) Located at Moonshiner's Shack. In the open pipe area, climb atop the shacks on the left to check the pipe's lid. Jumping from the fence to the south of the large pipe is also possible.
  • (middle) Located in Goose's Roost. At the Helipad at the top of the mountain (not where the volleyball net is) look on the underside of the steel plate under the helipad (not the helipad itself); crouch and crawl under the plate on the south side then look up.
  • (SE) In the Hodunk Speedway, there is a footbridge next to the "fireworks" bridge (look for the staircase). Go around the eastern wall at the north end of the footbridge. The mark is on the back of the wall (it's a larger mark).

The Fridge

  • Entering from the Fink's gate (or Three Horns entrance) there is a large metal shelter on the right with 5 wooden crates next to it, (the first structure on the right). Get on top using the rocks the north side of the building. The Symbol is the roof.
  • Shortly after the first Symbol, there is a bridge with a lot of abandoned cars a top it.  To the west, across a sheet of ice, there is structure made of sheet metal. The symbol is on the ground level on the other side of the metal wall.  Jump on the rocks to the left of the metal wall to get behind it.

The Highlands

  • At the Aggregate Acquisition, on the outer side of the north-western high tower, 2F, cross the bridge with the Constructor. Use the small ledge to get around the tower on the right.

The Holy Spirits

  • Bottom-left corner of the posters in the bathroom.

Thousand Cuts

  • North West corner, on the outside western wall of the Buzzard factory.
  • When entering No Man's Land, on the left there is a burnt out two story building. Inside the upper level.

Three Horns - Divide

  • In the Windbreak Bandit Camp located in the south-west corner of the Divide. Behind the easternmost shack on the cliff on the South edge of the camp.
  • Southwest of The Drydocks on the back of the billboard between the Catch-a-Ride station and the southern exit to Three Horns - Valley, just climb up the beams.
  • In The Drydocks, on a curved wall in the Northernmost corner, facing away from the entrance.

Three Horns - Valley

  • Behind the tank outside the South wall of the fort protecting Southpaw Steam & Power, where the pipes run up the rocks into the fort. Walk clockwise (South) around the fort walls from the entrance, past the pipes, then turn right.
  • In the shack at the far south.
  • Facing the entrance to Bloodshot Stronghold, turn left by the drawbridge controls and follow the snow ridge. The symbol is on the side of a hut.

Tundra Express

  • At the center of the north edge of the map, on the north face of a building near a drilling unit and a fork in the train tracks.
  • On the floor atop of the Varkid Ranch Observatory. (Use the cave entrance at the southwest corner.) The electrical switch box for the lower gate can also be seen from this spot.

Vault of the Warrior

  • At the bottom of the elevator, on a small platform just above the lava (on the east side).

Wildlife Exploitation Preserve

  • In the southern part of the map there is a dock, with a ship stationed in it. From time to time a crane will pull a crate from the barrier on the deck of the ship. Jump onto the crane arm, be careful to not touch the central cable to avoid instant death when the arm will go back up. Then, ride it to the building at the south end of the docks and it is on a south facing wall on the roof.
  • Halfway through Wildlife Preserve, the elevated road heads south before looping back north. The symbol is carved in the top of the road.

Windshear Waste

  • After entering Claptrap's Place, behind a closed door to the right of the fireplace.

Visual Gallery

Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty

Hayter's Folly

  • When exiting Grendel's room via the southern tunnel, the symbol is on the upper left wall, beside the crop of glowing crystals at the exit. It can be seen after turning around after leaving. This symbol can only be obtained after Grendel is defeated. After Grendel's death, the tunnels collapse and the path opens. [Symbol] [Map]
  • When entering Hot Springs Hideout, there are a few large metal shipping containers. Facing North between the North-easternmost containers, the symbol is directly to the left on the left container. [Symbol] [Map]

The Leviathan's Lair

  • Take the path down to where The Leviathan was defeated. It will be on the wall to the right before the gate. [Symbol] [Map]

Magnys Lighthouse

  • On the northernmost part of the large island, a house is suspended by a crane, with another house beneath it. The symbol is on the northeast side of the lower house. [Symbol] [Map]
  • Upon reaching the plateau with the lighthouse, head right, around the wall. The symbol is on the main tower, behind the wall. [Symbol] [Map]


  • At the entrance to the Leviathan's Lair, go upstairs into the shack. [Symbol] [Map]
  • On the east side of the Kronus (the ship that gets blown up in Burying The Past). Far East side of map. [Symbol] [Map]
  • Head out on the pier past Shade and towards the end is a small metal wall, it's on the outside of it. [Symbol] [Map]
  • Head to Coral Island Camp by crossing the rope bridge. It's on the right side of the building. [Symbol] [Map]

The Rustyards

  • In the start area there is a boat on the left of the place where pirates start to spawn.  Behind this boat is a fence.  The cult symbol is on the back side of this fence.  [Symbol] [Map]
  • In the north of the map is a large boat. The cult symbol is half way along the inside starboard wall. The path to it is start from the bow area and jump along the shack roofs toward the stern. [Symbol] [Map]

Washburne Refinery

  • West of the Quick-Change Station, in the Forge Array, a set of stairs leads down into the basement. The symbol is on the wall. [Symbol] [Map]
  • In the room north the Lair of the Lecher-Bot (north-eastern corner of the map), look over the edge of the northern-most catwalk's railing. Below the railing are two pipes which emerge from the wall and subsequently run beneath the catwalk. The symbol is between two pipes at the bottom of the wall. [Symbol] [Map]


  • In the camp with the lift to reach Washburne Refinery, the symbol is on a platform high above the camp. To get to the symbol, follow the trail all the way around the area, past the gigantic embedded satellite dish. [Symbol] [Map]
  • On Scarlett's ship, take the elevator to the top deck. Jump over the starboard railing at the stern of the ship to the deck below. Symbol is on the starboard hull, facing the cliff. [Symbol] [Map]
  • Near the entrance to the Rustyards. From the catch-a-ride station go up two flights of stairs and take the path to the right. At the end, go left along the rope toward the wall. Behind the wall are two bollards. Jump up on them and then to the deck of the building above. Symbol is on front of the building. [Symbol] [Map]

Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage

Badass Crater of Badassitude

  • While facing the entrance to The Beatdown, it is on the back of the first building on the left just past the concrete barricades. [Symbol] [Map]
  • On a metal structure above some crates to the right of the Seraph vendor door. [Symbol] [Map]
  • In the small shack on the platform behind the ladder close to the seraph vendor. [Symbol] [Map]
  • On rightmost lane, at the very end of the broken end of the freeway that is accessible by jumping a ramp with a vehicle northeast of Moxxi's Badass Crater Bar. [Symbol] [Map]

Pyro Pete's Bar

  • No Vault symbols are found in this map.

Southern Raceway

  • Upper North-west region of the map, follow the staircases to the top floor directly above where Maya poster is placed.  The symbol is on the wall of the humped, quarter-circled building. [Symbol] [Map]
  • Past the building for the power switch to Motor Mama's gate inside a small shack where Zero's poster is placed, the symbol is next to the toilet. [Symbol] [Map]

The Beatdown

  • South of the fast travel station, there is a water tower in an enclosed area that on the map looks roughly like one quarter of an oval. Look at the west wall inside the enclosed area. [Symbol] [Map]
  • In the south-east corner of the map is a raised road. To the north side of this, level with the first column, is a balcony with a broken rail. Jump up here from the fence on the nearby level area and it will be found on the wall. [Symbol] [Map]

The Forge

  • In the area with the Torgue Engineers, the symbol is 2 platforms above and behind the first Access Point that needs to be activated in the mission "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" (at the top in the far back, obscured from view). [Symbol] [Map]
  • In the beginning section of the area with Anonymous Troll Face, there's a bus next to a container with stairs on the bus leading to a platform that has the symbol on it. (After leaving flyboy's fortress, take the steps on the right. Quickly turn right. There are steps, ladder and a bridge. Climb them. Immediately climb on top the yellow bus and steps. The symbol is on the south side of the elevated shack.) [Symbol] [Map]
  • During the crossing of the first bridge in Fly Boy's "fortress", turn left and walk to the South-eastern edge. There will stairs leading down to a scrap pile in the lava. The scrap pile will connect with the main building and the symbol is on the wall at this connection. [Symbol] [Map]

Torgue Arena

  • In the outer ring of the arena, during Eat Cookies and Crap Thunder. High on the wall to the right of the entrance to the northeast room (furthest of the two conjoined rooms), climb the crates to reach. [Symbol] [Map]
  • In the outer ring of the arena, there are a couple of grates in the floor. From the first vault symbol go counter/anti-clockwise past 2 more storage room doors until there is a floor grate between 2 closed vending areas. There is a small button on one side of the grate that needs to be walked over to open the door. The Vault symbol is in the room below, behind the ladder. (This is also the location of the last cookie crate from the 'C4 Is For Cookie' challenge) [Symbol] [Map]

Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt

Hunter's Grotto

  • On the side of a Hyperion supply crate at the entry point to Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt. Simply turn around upon entering the DLC or turn left from the "Hunter's Grotto" Fast Travel Station. [Symbol] [Map]
  • On the southern outer wall of the hunting lodge just east of the door. [Symbol] [Map]
  • At the top of the elevator south of the lodge on the way to the An Acquired Taste mission marker. A vault symbol is on the far stone base pedestal before the big stone door. It faces the huge inaccessible cavern and lake. [Symbol] [Map]
  • In the south-west corner of the map, take the elevator in the gorge on the eastern shoreline (used in the Egg on Your Face mission) to the bottom. North-east of the elevator platform is a striped totem pole standing next to a rock with two white-painted hands on it. The symbol is on the back side of the rock with the hands, opposite the elevator platform. [Symbol] [Map]

Scylla's Grove

  • Can be found in the easternmost Savage camp (aka Low Gut Rot). Just look on the east wall of the longhouse, directly across from the one-eyed Claptrap chest. [Symbol] [Map]
  • Found just south of the center of the map in a Swamp Skag inhabited area. It is a large symbol found at a dead-end. This is also the destination for the Claptrap quest, "Urine, You're Out". [Symbol] [Map]
  • Starting from the Fast Travel Station in Scylla's Grove, turn right (west) and follow the balcony around the large building. On the back side of this building, the Vault symbol will be above the door. There is also an arrow sign to the right of the door pointing directly at the Vault symbol. [Symbol] [Map]
  • On the bottom level of the central village. Starting from the elevator, turn around and walk back towards the entrance. It's on the first building on the right. [Symbol] [Map]

Ardorton Station

  • In the northeast section of the map, where Woundspike is fought. Walk to the end of this area and take the stairs to the left, the Vault symbol is found directly to the left of a red weapons chest. [Symbol] [Map]
  • In the center of the map, at the stairway leading outside the "Skin Chop Chop Shop", there is a stack of three rooms to the left. There is a vault symbol on the ceiling of the middle room. Take a left down the platform and jump down onto the fence. Jump into the room and look up, at the ceiling. [Symbol] [Map]
  • In the center of the map, there is a small gully populated by Swamp Skags and the mini-boss Dribbles. Go into this area and the Vault symbol can be found inside a shack sort of area on a sheet of corrugated metal (leaning against the wall) lit up by a torch. [Symbol] [Map]
  • Go to the southernmost area of the map, "Ardo Farm". Upon entering the supposed farm, follow the wall to the left and it will lead straight to a large Vault symbol on the back of the building. [Symbol] [Map]

Candlerakk's Crag

  • On the rock wall, on the southern side of the "Big Bluff" plateau (middle of the southernmost part of the west half of the map, where Rouge lives).  Look west from the waterfall, near the ground. [Symbol] [Map]
  • On the eastern end of the "Elite's Crossing" bridge (long, roughly east-west, rope suspension bridge in the middle of the map), is a village.  In the north-west corner of the village is a two-story, L-shaped hut with a 'goalpost' totem on its roof.  The symbol is on the back (north-western) side of this hut, facing the cliff edge. [Symbol] [Map]
  • In the cave near Voracidous' Lair, on the side of the large pillar in the middle. [Symbol] [Map]

H.S.S. Terminus

  • After defeating the boss, it is up the light-bridge, on the ceiling of the doorway/hallway just before the Fast Travel Station. [Symbol] [Map]

Tiny Tina's Assault On Dragon Keep

Unassuming Docks

  • The highest house in the town has a Vault Symbol at ground level on its Western-facing side. [Symbol] [Map]
  • In the far Northeast section of the map, the Vault Symbol is on the Eastern face of the tomb facing the chest. [Symbol] [Map]
  • On the way to the temple in the Southern section of the map, there is a cave called the Flavor Cave. Head directly out into the water from its Southern entrance, into some broken archways. The Vault Symbol is on the side of one of these arches, facing away from the land. [Symbol] [Map]

Flamerock Refuge

  • From the Fast Travel station, head east towards the single, large tree. Cross the rope bridge next to the tree, and immediately turn right. Follow the edge of the gorge towards the wooden patio just a few steps away, turn south, and walk to the end of the patio. The Vault Symbol will be on the house to the west. [Symbol] [Map]
  • When standing in front of the Seraph Crystal Vendor, look west to see a house up on a hill, along with a thick rope running from that house to its anchoring in the ground southwest of the Crystal Vendor; go to that rope and walk along it to the very top. Drop down to the ground between the house and the tree, turn around, and follow the house's south wall; the Vault Symbol is on the end of that wall. [Symbol] [Map]

The Forest

  • On the Southern side of the house where Ell's armor can be found (the side path where Tina forgot to balance the monsters), behind some crates. [Symbol] [Map]
  • On the Eastern edge of the orc village are two huts. The Vault Symbol is on the Southern side of the Southern hut. [Symbol] [Map]

Immortal Woods

  • On a wall near the top of the ruins in the northernmost area, northeast of the second bonfire in the "Lost Souls" quest. [Symbol] [Map]
  • Just south of the first Symbol, there is a tree is growing out of a wall. Use the piled-up rubble in the corner to climb on top of the wall. The Vault Symbol can be seen at mid-height on the square temple to the south (magnification may help). From there, climb the jagged bricks to the east and make several jumps to reach the square temple. The Vault Symbol is on the back of the small tomb on the right. [Symbol] [Map]
  • Up the hill to the east of the monster's lair in "MMORPGFPS" quest. [Symbol] [Map]

Mines of Avarice

  • In Ingot Processing; heading south from Claptrap's location, pass under a stone arch. After that, go up a small set of stairs ahead then a longer set of stairs to the left and, finally, a third set of stairs to the left again. At the top of this third set of stairs, look to the left. The symbol is on the wall of a nearby building. [Symbol] [Map]
  • On the far East side of the map, where the Gold Golem was fought, there are three buildings poking out of the peninsula, one to the North and two to the South. The Vault Symbol is on the back of the North building. [Symbol] [Map]
  • In the room with the dice chest in Gilded Forge, unlocked by correctly solving the puzzle cube. See the corresponding quest walkthrough on how to unlock the room. [Symbol] [Map]

Hatred's Shadow

  • In the long hallway battlement in the North-central part of the map, where Sir Boll is encountered during the Loot Ninja quest, look for the top of a ladder in one of the openings to the north. Jump down to reach the Northern side of this battlement and find the Vault Symbol on a wall. Use the ladder to return. [Symbol] [Map]
  • On the upper plaza The Nefarious Battlement, marked by four tall columns with red banners hanging from them, go down to the next-lower deck and the furthest niche to the East. Look down and to the left to see the yellow tent where Sir Mash was encountered in the Loot Ninja quest. Jump straight down to the rock ledge below to find the Vault Symbol on a wall. [Symbol] [Map]
  • At the west end of The Nefarious Battlement is an elevator that leads down to a previous section of the map. The Vault Symbol is on the Southwestern wall of the elevator shaft, about halfway down, just to the right of the activating lever in the elevator. It can be most easily tapped by starting from the bottom, pulling the lever, and immediately facing slightly upward on the wall to the right. [Symbol] [Map]

Lair of Infinite Agony

  • Falling down the initial shaft, this Vault Symbol may be seen in an opening in the North side of the shaft. If the player fails to land correctly, it can be easily reached by jumping into the opening from above later. It's on the same ledge as the final crumpets for Post-Crumpocalyptic. [Symbol] [Map]
  • In the area with the multiple rising platforms, there are bars along the walls. Wait until the platforms have been deactivated and turn around. The Vault Symbol will be through some of these bars to the left. [Symbol] [Map]
  • In the central section of the map, called The Hall of the Dead, there is an area (just East of where Mr. Miz spawns with his quest to buy an amulet) where the path is split between two balconies, one to the North and one to the South. The symbol is between the two balconies on the far East edge. Players have to jump down to it. [Symbol] [Map]

Dragon Keep

  • During the player's ascent of the tower, climb several large sets of stairs to get between levels. The Vault Symbol is on the underside of the second set of stairs, in the northeastern part of the map, right before the teleporter. [Symbol] [Map]

Murderlin's Temple

  • Next to the area where Murderlin wanders is a ladder leading down. Climb down it and move down the hall at the bottom. The symbol is on the wall to the right as the room is entered, at the end of the hall. [Symbol] [Map]
  • Enter the open area for "The Magic of Childhood" quest, turn to the right and look on the wall next to the door that the player had just previously passed through. [Symbol] [Map]

The Winged Storm

  • Just before the area where the player jumps down to spawn four dragons, turn around and look back toward the abandoned city. There are ledges leading around to the left and right, follow the one to the left to a nearby rooftop. The Vault Symbol is on top of this roof. [Symbol] [Map]

Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary

The Backburner

Dahl Abandon

The Burrows

  • After entering The Burrows from Dahl Abandon, across the bridge and behind a large piece of Helios debris, with leaking pipes. Turn left towards the drop, the symbol is found following a narrow rocky bridge and ledge. [Symbol] [Map]
  • On top of a distinctly labelled Hyperion part of Helios, slightly south-east of the east generator. [Symbol] [Map]

Helios Fallen

  • Up the ramp to the right of the volleyball, turning right again at the top of the ramp. Symbol is on floor to the right of buildings at the end of platform. [Symbol] [Map]
  • On an elevated platform in the eastern corner, directly east of the elevator. Can be reached by heading north from the symbol platform to the corner of The Freightway with 2 Hyperion containers. Jumping straight into the north wall from the top of the container allows the player to reach the top of the platform. Then facing the wall, jumping across to the second slanted beam (southward). Turning and sprint jumping into the tall square scaffolding allows the player to then jump onto the symbol platform. The symbol is at the end on the wall facing west. [Symbol] [Map]
  • Underneath the leftmost ramp when heading to Munitions Loading from the Moonshot Complaints Department. [Symbol] [Map]
  • On the left side of the walkway when heading to The Arsenal from Munitions Loading. There is a small area to jump into and turn around to see the symbol. [Symbol] [Map]
  • Located in The Hold. At the southern end, jump onto a yellow sloped exhaust. From there against the wall, jump onto the taller object on the right. The symbol is on top. [Symbol] [Map]
  • Located in Fire Control Alpha, in the corner with some crates stacked. Jump right into corner and look at back of crates for symbol. [Symbol] [Map]

Mt. Scarab Research Center

Writhing Deep

  • The symbol is located up on a ledge, right of the speakers of the summoning room/DJ booth. [Symbol] [Map]
  • The symbol is located on a ledge between two worm holes. [Symbol] [Map]
  • The symbol is located in the corner of the summoning room/DJ booth to the right of the vending machines. [Symbol] [Map]


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