Incinerator Clayton: It is time for the Enkindling, young torch. Time to sacrifice HEATHENS to our blazing mother!

(As the Vault Hunter sets effigies on fire ...)

Lilith: Clayton said the Enkindling? That could be very bad... or, it could be like a cook-out, or something. Just keep an open mind about it, you know? These guys aren't so bad.

(As the second effigy is being set ablaze ...)

Incinerator Clayton: You have done so well, torch. Once the Enkindling is complete, we shall all receive our reward in the Firehawk's toasty bosom.

(As the final effigy is being set ablaze ...)

Incinerator Clayton: The preparations are complete! Return to me, and let the human sacrifice commence!

Lilith: Okay, that sounds pretty evil. Just head to this Enkindling thing -- if things get creepy, I'll make an appearance. Be careful.

(Vault Hunter arrives to designated location where he finds Incinerator Clayton ... a large cage with some people inside hangs above a large open flame ...)

Incinerator Clayton: You have done so well, torch. Now -- pull that lever and commence the Enkindling!

Kellen the Heathen: (whimpers) I don't wanna die!

Incinerator Clayton: These fools taken from Sanctuary are ignorant of the Firehawk's majesty. Their lives are an abomination!

Lilith: Watch your eyes, killer -- I'm coming in.

(Lilith makes her appearance on top of the cage with heathens ...)

Lilith: Your goddess has arrived, and she's very disappointed! Vault Hunter: I'll get these civilians back to Sanctuary. In the meantime: smite these bitches.

Incinerator Clayton: This cannot be true! Do not listen, brothers! Our new torch was a spy -- a HEATHEN! DESTROY THEM!

(Vault Hunter kills Incinerator Clayton ...)

Incinerator Clayton: I can see... the flames...

(Vault Hunter kills last of the bandits ...)

Lilith: I got the would-be sacrifices back to Sanctuary -- great job taking care of the cult. I tell you, man, being a god sucks.

Kellen the Heathen: We owe you our lives, Vault Hunter!

Kellen the Heathen: Yes! Worship the Vault Hunter! WORSHIP THE VAULT HUNTER!

Lilith: Uh... whoops. Uh, come... come on back.

(Vault Hunter goes back to Sanctuary and turns in the mission ...)

Lilith: Friggin' cults.

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