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Cult Following: The Enkindling is an optional mission in Borderlands 2, and the last mission involved in the Cult Following mission series.



  • Ignite Fire Effigies
  • Go to Enkindling
  • Pull Lever
  • Kill Cultists
  • Kill Clayton


After the effigies have been ignited, the next destination is Ashmouth Camp where Incinerator Clayton has assembled the Children of the Firehawk for a fiery sacrifice. The sacrificial victims are trapped in a cage and must be rescued from Clayton and his followers, who attack en masse. Lilith also makes an appearance, and rescues the sacrifices while the Vault Hunters deal with Clayton and his cult.

All three fire effigies are visible (and thus targets for a fire sniper rifle) from the snow mound near the windmill just west of Incinerator Clayton.


"The Children of the Firehawk are no more."


  • Citizens saved in this mission by Lilith can be interacted with in Sanctuary, and will thank the Vault Hunter responsible for their rescue.


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