• Open outhouse
  • Pick up Matchstick
  • Take Matchstick to freighter
  • Activate dragon's fire
  • Burn Matchstick


Incinerator Clayton offers his next task: To carry Matchstick to the freighter moored in Southern Shelf and incinerate him. This involves retracing steps through one of the earlier areas of Borderlands 2, including the locations inhabited by Boom and Bewm, and Captain Flynt.

At the front of the vessel is a dangling chain. Matchstick is fastened to the chain. A nearby lever then activates the fiery blast that will roast him alive.


"Matchstick is deep within the warm confines of the Firehawk's embrace, experiencing a supreme eternal bliss. Or he's in hell."

Turn In: Incinerator Clayton



  • Rather than being a regular NPC, Matchstick is little more than a mission-specific carry bundle, albeit one with the appearance of a midget.

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