Cult Following: False Idols is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 given by Incinerator Clayton.


Some brothers are worshipping a false god, and this new deity is an affront to the Firehawk that cannot be tolerated.




Scorch is a spiderant first found in the presence of several worshippers that quickly become sacrificial victims to their new deity as soon as the Vault Hunters arrive. Scorch then immediately turns on the new arrivals and attacks, along with several other spiderants.

Scorch is a highly mobile attacker, able to leap about the field of battle and deliver potent fire attacks. Its critical hit location is the thorax at the rear, which can be difficult for lone adventurers to target, although the use of action skills in most cases can assist with making flanking attacks possible.


"Another day, another dead demigod."

Turn In: Incinerator Clayton


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