Cult Following: Eternal Flame is the first part of a series of side-missions in Borderlands 2. This mission will be available after rescuing the Firehawk (a.k.a Lilith). The mission involves the player going undercover to spy on a cult that worships the Firehawk. Lilith wants the Vault Hunters to spy on the cult to determine whether the cult is a threat to the citizens of Sanctuary or not.



"So... Lilith accidentally started a cult. Which is fun."


Ashes will drop in small piles after bandits have been killed by fire damage while this mission is active. Frostburn Canyon has many suitable candidates for creating ash, and the objective can be completed at the first encampment raided after the mission is accepted.


"You've pleased Incinerator Clayton (which is good) by committing brutal violence (which is bad) against a group of people who only find happiness in immolation-related death (which is kind of a grey area). Either way, you've successfully infiltrated the Children of the Firehawk."


  • Mission Item: Bandit Ashes - "Ashes to ashes. Rust to rust."


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