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Cult Following is a story mission in Borderlands 3.


"The Sun Smasher clan is bringing the Vault Map to the Holy Broadcast Center as an offering to the self-proclaimed gods of the COV, the Calypsos. Seems like a sub-optimal sitch, to be honest. It's up to you to crash the party.



  • Go to Ellie's
  • Speak to Ellie
  • Take vehicle
    • Hijack vehicle (optional)
  • Drive to Catch-A-Ride
  • Use Catch-A-Ride
  • Go to Holy Broadcast Center
  • Get Vault map
  • Find the Sun Smashers
  • Talk to Lilith


The first part of the mission is to obtain a vehicle, the Outrunner. The track the Outrunner is located at has additional COV vehicles that can also be stolen to be scanned. After scanning a vehicle, the Heavy Missile turret is unlocked and can be equipped. The vehicle will greatly shorten the trip to the Holy Broadcast Center in Ascension Bluff.

At the Holy Broadcast Center, enemies must be fought on foot, although being basic COV units, they are easily killed with incendiary damage. The building's interior features speakers that deal damage when charged up and can be avoided by backtracking into a previous room.

Mouthpiece, the boss of the mission, has the following attacks:

  • Firing The Killing Word
  • Unleashing a sonic blast with the speakers in the arena.
    • This attack has a visual and audio indicator as to which speakers are charging up.
  • Kicking the Vault Hunter when they get too close.

Mouthpiece holds a shield that he may occasionally lower during battle. When his health has been depleted by a third, he becomes invincible for a few seconds. Tinks will spawn throughout the fight and can be used for Second Winds.

The mission is finished when the Vault map is brought back to Lilith.


Turn In: Lilith

Mission Transcript

Main article: CultFollowing/Transcript


  • Mission items: Vault Map
  • The Outrunners encountered at the track will have all default parts and no secondary turret weapon.

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