Cryo weapons can only be found on Pandora's moon because of the frozen methane they require in order to fire. Marcus Kincaid hopes to one day bring this technology to Pandora.
Fatale 2

Cryo is an elemental damage type introduced in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and returning in Borderlands 3. All manufacturers, aside from Torgue, have at least one Cryo elemental weapon.

Cryo elemental weapons are capable of slowing down and/or freezing targets solid. Cryo damage is particularly useful against nimble targets, such as Guardians, where a cryo status effect can freeze them in place to leave them vulnerable. If an airborne target is frozen, it will crash to the ground and reccive fall damage, potentially causing it to instantly shatter.

Effects Against Enemies

Enemies that can suffer a cryo status effect are slowly covered in ice as they freeze solid. While frozen, the enemy cannot attack or move and the effect persists for 6 seconds (unless another cryo status effect is caused), during which time the frozen target will suffer a small amount of damage-over-time. It is possible to determine when an enemy is about to thaw out from its frozen state, as the ice covering its body will begin to vibrate before disappearing.

While frozen, enemies take an additional +250% melee damage, +200% explosive damage, and +200% extra critical hit damage. Cryo weapons against a frozen enemy deals +110% extra critical hit damage.

Cryo attacks inflict full damage against both flesh and armored targets, but suffer a small penalty against all shielded targets in Normal Mode (75% damage) - in True Vault Hunter Mode and Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, shielded targets gain a significant resistance to cryo damage (40% damage). Enemies with the cryo elemental type are immune to the freeze effect and are resistant to the damage type.

Some enemies, such as Iwajira, cannot be frozen solid, but still suffer from cryo damage-over-time and the cryo-associated weapon debuffs, especially the movement speed reduction.

Effects Against Vault Hunters

When a playable Vault Hunter suffers a cryo status effect, the Vault Hunter will not freeze solid but will instead be significantly slowed down, with sprinting speed being slower than the regular running speed. This slowdown typically lasts 6 seconds, but can last longer if the Vault Hunter is standing near a Cryo Vine or is afflicted by another cryo status effect.


  • The slowdown inflicted upon Vault Hunters by a cryo damage-over-time can occasionally persist. While rare during normal combat, if a Vault Hunter enters Fight For Your Life while slowed down by cryo damage the chance of the slowdown persisting is much higher. This effect can be cleared by being afflicted with another cryo status effect (by passing close to Cryo Vine for example) and waiting for it to wear off again(does not always work). If no source of regaining a cryo status effect is available (or the previous advice does not work), saving and quitting is the only other available option.
    • This bug has been fixed, as of the March 24th, 2015 patch.
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