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Crossfire is a Seraph Bouncing Betty Grenade manufactured by Dahl. The Crossfire can only be obtained from trading with the Seraph Vendor in the Badass Crater of Badassitude.

Special Effects[]

Find, fix, flank, finish! – Increased damage and blast radius. Behaves like a standard Bouncing Betty Grenade, but releases grenades as well as bullets at an approximate rate of two per second.

Usage and Description[]

In addition to its usefulness as a Bouncing Betty grenade, the Crossfire disperses child grenades over a wide radius, dealing additional damage to a massive area. A single Crossfire can clear out entire enemy spawns and is extremely useful when tossed out prior to an expected Crippled status. The grenade's bullet spray cannot harm allies but care should be taken to avoid the child grenades.

The Crossfire is almost an exact replica of its legendary counterpart, the Bouncing Bonny, but the Crossfire deploys child grenades at a slightly faster rate at the cost of mildly reduced damage. While the Bouncing Bonny only releases child grenades when it hits ground, the Crossfire may spawn grenades in mid-air.


  • The Crossfire is compatible with all elemental accessories, but cannot spawn as the Homing Sticky, Lobbed Sticky, or Longbow Sticky delivery methods.
  • Due to an item card bug, the Crossfire will never display a fuse time of 0.0, Instead, the variant with a fuse time of 1.0 will actually be the correct variant of 0.0.


  • The text "Find, fix, flank, finish" refers to the common approach to small-unit (fireteam or squad-level) engagement tactics.