Critical hits are shots that deal +100% more damage to an enemy after hitting that enemy on a particular spot. In addition to the amount of damage done, the word "critical" appears in red text whevener a critical hit occurs. Damage caused by critical hit can be increased by using a weapon with +X% critical damage modifier, such as seen on sniper rifles. Lillith and Mordecai also come with class skills that increase critical hit damage, while Mordecai has class mods that increase sniper critical hit damage. Melee attacks can also cause critical hits. Mordecai's critical hits can hit the hardest than any other character in the game, due to his many critical hit skills and modifiers. With his Lethal Strikes melee skill and a bladed weapon, he can easily deal over fourteen thousand damage in a critical hit zone.

Critical hit areas on enemies

Humans (Crimson Lance and bandit): Head.

Larva Crab Worm: Eye found in the head. 

Raak: Unclear if they have a critical hit area.  Raaks are generally fragile and cannot take much damage.

Raak Hive: Mouth & eyes. Each eye will be destroyed after it has sustained enough damage, and further shots on a destroyed eye will not yield critical hits.

Scythid: Unclear if they have a critical hit area   Scythids are generally fragile and cannot take much damage.

Skag: Mouth.  Must be open to score critical hits.

Spiderant: Abdomen.

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The Destroyer: Eyes, mouth, spine-launching tentacles.  Each tentacle will be destroyed after it has sustained enough damage but this will prevent that tentacle from launching spines.

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