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Critical hits are areas on enemies that receive additional damage if shot and cause the word "critical" to appear in red text, along with the damage. Damage caused by critical hit can be increased by using a weapon with +X% critical damage, typically associated with sniper rifles. Lillith and Mordecai also come with class skills that increase critical hit damage and Mordecai has class mods that increase sniper critical hit damage. Melee attacks can also cause critical hits. Mordecai can hit the harder than any other character in the game, due to his critical hit skill, range of sword and skill that increases his melee damage, along with giving a 35% ability to deal massive damage. If using a bladed weapon, this can easily deal over fourteen thousand damage in a critical hit zone.
== Critical hit areas on enemies ==
Skag- when they open their mouth shooting them in the black opening typically causes a critical hit.
Scythid- Unclear if they have a critical hit area
Raak- Unclear if they have a critical hit area
Spiderant- Their back end is their critical hit area, causing massive damage.
Larva Crab Worm- The purple eye in the front of their body is the best place to aim. Exact area is unclear.
Raak Hive- The four bulbous eyes on its head. Though they burst after so long, they are still vulnerable to critical hits.
Human enemies- This includes all human bosses, crimson lance soldiers and bandit archetypes. The head is their weak point.
The Destroyer- His tentacles are weak at the points that are lit up and his huge blue eye and mouth are also his weakpoints.

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