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Critical Ascensi0n is a tier 6 skill in Zer0's Sniping skill tree. When scoring a critical hit with a sniper rifle you receive bonus critical hit damage and regular damage with sniper rifles. This skill can be stacked up to 999 times, but will begin to fade somewhat rapidly if a critical hit has not been scored in a few seconds.


  • Critical Hit Damage: +6% per stack
  • Sniper Rifle Damage: +5% per stack


  • The buff lasts for 6 seconds before beginning to fade, and thereafter fades at a rate of about one stack every 2 seconds.
  • Missing an enemy or hitting an enemy non-critically does not cause the buff to fade.
  • Critical Ascensi0n is extremely useful against bosses and slow or stationary enemies with easy critical hit spots, as the buildup of stacks can easily double or triple damage dealt while whittling down a boss or tough enemy's health.
  • It is only possible to gain one stack of Critical Ascensi0n per shot, which means that guns that fire multiple projectiles per trigger pull do not add multiple stacks of Critical Ascensi0n, even if more than one scores a critical hit, or if the skill Tw0 Fang or the relic Shadow of the Seraphs are used.
  • Opening a menu (such as a map, inventory, or mission log), using a vending machine, talking to a mission giver, or dying will remove all stacks.
  • Performing melee, or throwing a grenade does not affect stacks. Switching to a weapon that is not a sniper rifle will remove all stacks, but switching to a different sniper rifle will retain stacks.
  • Given enough time and effort, it is possible to attain 999 stacks. However, the circumstances that would allow this are very rare and often require impractical methods such as using a severely under-leveled sniper rifle to 'farm' stacks with a stationary enemy and Salvador with a Hoarder or Legendary Hoarder class mod for ammo regeneration.

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