For the unique submachine gun in Borderlands 2, see Crit.

Crit is a unique submachine gun in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Maliwan. It is obtained via mail by tipping Miss Moxxi aboard the Sanctuary III.

Special Weapon Effects

Slippery when wet. – Always shock. Above average weapon stats, with massively increased damage. 150% critical hit damage. The user is healed 8% of all damage dealt by the weapon. Has a 5% chance to be dropped when reloaded.

Description & Usage

The Crit has extraordinarily high damage, with other great stats to back it up. It deals so much damage that it's approximately 20 times stronger then a purple SMG of the same level, giving it one of the highest damage per second of any weapon in the game.

Along with its extremely high damage output, the Crit also has some of the highest lifesteal of any weapon in the game. As long as the shots hit an enemy, the Crit's healing can effectively outheal almost any incoming damage. This makes it extremely effective on characters that lack effective lifesteal, such as Moze and especially FL4K.

The downside of the weapon is its detrimental "slip-dropping" effect, which can be cumbersome. While this downside can be annoying, it's generally not very impeding on normal gameplay. Other top tier weapons like the Flipper or Anarchy require the player to play and build around the downsides, whereas the Crit's downside only triggers once or twice every so often.

Because the character is usually un-killable while dealing damage with the weapon, the most vulnerable time of using the Crit is during reloads. The weapon's downside of dropping itself makes reloading even more of a bad idea. This makes Skills, Artifacts, and Class Mods that increase magazine size very effective while using the Crit. Moze's ammo regeneration skills can keep her firing forever, practically making her invincible as long as she's dealing damage to an enemy.

While many players use x2 variants for all weapons for endgame content, the Crit's vulnerability when reloading can make the double ammo consumption found on x2 variants a risky tradeoff.

Because the Crit is acquired simply by tipping on Sanctuary, this weapon is easy to get on at lower levels. Because of its incredibly high DPS and lifesteal, this weapon can tear through bosses in the main story with ease.

Overall, the Crit is one of the best weapons in the entire game. The Crit is also incredibly easy to acquire, as money at high levels is plentiful and the Crit actually sells for more then it takes to acquire at higher levels. This also makes getting a desired anointment very easy.


  • Like other Maliwan SMGs, the weapon can spawn as an x2 variant, which means it will fire an extra projectile. However, the x2 variants deal -24% damage and burn through their magazine twice as fast.
  • Unlike the Moxxi weapon from Borderlands 2, the Crit will not heal the character for any damage they deal while held. It will only heal damage dealt by the weapon.
  • When the weapon is force dropped, it is instantly reloaded.
    • Also, equipping it from the ground will cause the weapon to glitch. It cannot be reloaded manually and the ammo count will be stuck on the item that replaced it. Opening the ECHO menu will fix this.


  • This weapon is the Borderlands 3 counterpart of the Crit, which originally appeared in the Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC for Borderlands 2. Both weapons are identical in function and only differ by appearance and the means through which they are obtained.
  • Unlike the weapons obtained from tipping Moxxi in Borderlands 2, there is no limit to how many Crits a character can acquire per playthrough.
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