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Crimson Shorty is one of the five Loot Midgets encountered in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. He will always be found in one of the last Crimson Lance Chests in Road's End, before the transition to the Crimson Armory.



Crimson Shorty is equipped with a range of small arms, from pistols to sniper rifles, so backing up when opening up a suspected Crimson Shorty hideout is recommended to keep your distance. Otherwise he should be fought as any other Crimson Lance unit; use corrosive weapons and aim for the head.


  • Crimson Shorty will not drop a power core when killed.
  • Despite most loot midgets having high-pitched voices, the Crimson Shorty sound like normal Lance Infantry (except when he first jumps out of the chest), and wear similar armor.
  • On playthrough 2.5, the Crimson Shorty will have a chance of dropping level 69 SMG, shields, and grenade mods.