Crimson Lance propaganda poster

This is Commandant Steele of the Atlas Corporation Crimson Lance, Starborne Brigade. Be advised. In preparation of upcoming special operations of the Lance, I have ordered the ECHO network shut down. Any attempt to circumvent our control will be met with punishment of death. Do not test me, or we may shut down the commerce grid as well. This is the only warning you will receive.
— Commandant Steele - General Announcement

The Crimson Lance is the highly trained private military force of the Atlas Corporation. They impose a form of dictatorial law upon civilians in their dominion, and are considered by many to be "Serious Badasses".


When the colonization of Pandora went bad, the Atlas Corporation Crimson Lance, D Company, 3rd Starborne Brigade on the planet decided to build a base and fortify it. They are known to heavily prefer the use of military might to get their way.[1]

This mercenary army of the Atlas Corporation is extremely well funded and equipped. On Pandora, they view themselves as local law enforcement. The Crimson Lance military/security force is one of the most highly-trained mercenary armies in existence. At the end of the Corporate Wars, they escaped retribution and restrictions on their business by selling a controlling interest in their company to the Dahl Corporation, which now employs the Crimson Lance exclusively as elite security forces.

The Crimson Lance was created by the Atlas Corporation as a way to ensure that they would always have access to elite military and security forces. As the reputation of the effectiveness of the Crimson Lance continued to increase, attacks against the Atlas Corporation quickly decreased, eventually making it difficult to justify the cost of continuing the Crimson Lance. Rather than disbanding them, the Atlas Corporation decided to contract out the Crimson Lance as mercenaries. The Dahl Corporation was the first to purchase a contract, and used the Crimson Lance to attack and destroy an Atlas-owned supply station. Hours before the attack, the Atlas Corporation purchased a large insurance policy from Dahl Corporation on the station to be attacked. In the end, the Dahl Corporation paid for both the Crimson Lance contract and the rebuilding of the facility, making it a very profitable venture for the Atlas Corporation. All current Crimson Lance contracts contain a clause prohibiting them from being directly used against Atlas Corporation property and/or interests.

Some in-game evidence suggests that at some point the Atlas Corporation had employed at least one gang of Bandits on Pandora as extra hired goons, but an event occurred which resulted in the Atlas Corporation deploying the Crimson Lance to wipe out the Bandits instead, and take over Old Haven. Similarly, Administrator Helena Pierce of New Haven mentions that they've turned Sanctuary into their fiefdom, requiring Sanctuary's population to be subservient to the Crimson Lance.


From left to right, an Engineer with his Scorpio Turret, Defender, two Infantry.


This is Commandant Steele of the Atlas Corporation Crimson Lance, D Company, 3rd Starborne Brigade. I've just been informed that you have arrived on Pandora in search of the Vault, and within minutes, have started killing the locals and causing a disturbance. This planet is under the authority of the Atlas Corporation, and any Eridian artifacts found here are Atlas property: possession of such property carries a stiff penalty. I invite you to turn yourself in at once to the nearest Lance outpost and surrender any information or artifacts in your possession. Consider this your one and only warning.
— Commandant Steele - Introducing Steele

The Vault Hunter Roland was a Sergeant of the Atlas Corporation Crimson Lance, 114th Bouncer Division before deserting and one of the four playable characters in Borderlands. Roland wears pieces of Crimson Lance armor and uses a modified Scorpio Turret. When the a group of Vault Hunters, Roland, the Siren Lilith, Brick, Mordecai, and Mordecai's pet Trash Feeder, Bloodwing, arrived in the settlement of Fyrestone in The Arid Badlands they found various Crimson Lance propaganda posters, with some of them vandalized and found more of the same posters throughout their quest to open The Vault.

After the Vault Hunters murdered the Bandit lord of The Arid Badlands, Sledge, and stole his Vault Key fragment during Sledge: Battle For The Badlands, they had attracted the attention of the local Crimson Lance garrison. The Siren, Commandant Steele of the Atlas Corporation Crimson Lance, D Company, 3rd Starborne Brigade sent an ECHOnet transmission to the Vault Hunters ordering them to turn over any Eridian artifacts that they have recovered to the nearest Lance outpost and informing them that all Eridian artifacts found on Pandora are property of the Atlas Corporation.

When Administrator Helena Pierce of New Haven sent the Vault Hunters to investigate the Bandit distress calls coming from the bandit stronghold of Old Haven during Smoke Signals: Investigate Old Haven, they witnessed the capabilities of the Crimson Lance. The Vault Hunters found that the Crimson Lance had murdered the entire bandit population of Old Haven and were using the smoke signals to attract more bandits into an ambush. Helena Pierce hired the Vault Hunters to fight their way through the Crimson Lance garrison to shut down the four smoke signals in Old Haven, to protect the residents of New Haven in Smoke Signals: Shut Them Down. As the Vault Hunters battled the Crimson Lance garrison in Old Haven they came across a dying Bandit who handed them a strongbox key and told them to find his two dead brothers keys to keep the contents from the Crimson Lance, starting Bandit Treasure: Three Corpses, Three Keys. The Vault Hunters fought their way through the Crimson Lance garrison, gathered the keys, opened the strongbox to find a map to The Dahl Headlands, and extinguished the four smoke signals. While the Vault Hunters were shutting down the smoke signals, Helena Pierce contacted Commandant Steele and informed her that their was an attack on 'New Haven residents' by Crimson Lance soldiers, to which Commandant Steele only said that "her men were acting on their own".

The Vault Hunters are sent back into battle with the Crimson Lance garrison in Old Haven by the ex-Dahl Corporation archaeologist, Doctor Patricia Tannis, to retrieve the CL4P-TP general purpose robot that acts as the doorman to The Salt Flats from The Rust Commons East during Not Without My Claptrap. After freeing the doorman the Vault Hunters continued to fight the Crimson Lance garrison in Old Haven to find a Repair Kit manufactured by the Dahl Corporation to fix the damaged CL4P-TP general purpose robot in Claptrap Rescue: Old Haven, who was presumably damaged by the Crimson Lance.

After the Vault Hunters defeated the former Dahl Corporation prison warden turned Bandit lord of The Salt Flats, Baron Flynt, Commandant Steele sent an ECHOnet transmission telling them to leave Pandora and that "Any further disobedience will cost you and the citizens of this planet dearly". Commandant Steele made another ECHOnet transmission addressed to the entire population of Pandora, informing them that she is shutting down the ECHO network and any attempt to turn it back on is punishable by death and threatens to shut down the Commerce Grid as well. After both transmissions were made the Vault Hunters lost contact with the Guardian Angel and, Lance Assault Pods landed across The Salt Flats, deploying Crimson Lance troops, who quickly eliminated the majority of the Bandit population in the area and occupied their camps.

As the Vault Hunters fought their way through the Crimson Lance occupied Bandit camp around Thor, they found another damaged CL4P-TP general purpose robot, fought through Crimson Lance troops to retrieve a Repair Kit manufactured by the Dahl Corporation and repaired it, during Claptrap Rescue: The Salt Flats. The Vaults Hunters also fought through the Crimson Lance occupied Bandit camp around Thor again to retrieve four pieces of a Machine Gun during Scavenger: Machine Gun.

The Vault Hunters fought through the Crimson Lance troops guarding the entrance to the Crimson Fastness in The Salt Flats only to find it locked, and eventually find another way in through The Backdoor. When the Vault Hunters arrived at the entrance to the Crimson Fastness in The Backdoor they see Commandant Steele in a control room above them who yelled "Death to all who oppose us!" before she walks away and the Vault Hunters are ambushed by a high ranking member of the Lance Royal Guard, Master McCloud, wielding an Eridian Cannon and two Lance Royal Guards. After murdering Master McCloud and the Lance Royal Guards, the Vault Hunters battle their way through the Crimson Fastness' garrison and repaired a damaged CL4P-TP general purpose robot that was used as target practice by the Crimson Lance with a Repair Kit manufactured by the Dahl Corporation in Claptrap Rescue: Crimson Fastness. When the Vault Hunters find Dr. Patricia Tannis, she was locked up in a jail cell and informed them that Commandant Steele had her send the Vault Hunters after Baron Flynt for the nonexistent fourth Vault Key fragment so that she could take the Vault Key from Dr. Patricia Tannis, to open The Vault herself.

Dr. Patricia Tannis handed the Vault Hunters instructions on a paper towel on how to reactive the ECHOnet on Pandora, but after the Vault Hunters arrived at the ECHOnet command console in the Crimson Fastness, during Find The Echo Command Console, they found her notes to be a bunch of ramblings and very confusing. After following her instructions on what to do at the ECHOnet command console, the Vault Hunters leave head to the Crimson Enclave to reactivate three transmitters and find the Crimson Lance engaged with the protectors of The Vault, the Guardians. While battling through the Crimson Lance and the Guardians, the Vault Hunters reactivated all three transmitters and turned back on the ECHOnet, in Reactivate the Echo Comm System.

Once the ECHOnet was reactivated Dr. Patricia Tannis informed the Vault Hunters that Commandant Steele had stolen the Vault Key from her and was heading to The Vault to open it. The Vault Hunters fought Crimson Lance troops and Guardians while they traveled through the The Descent and Eridian Promontory, with each side trying to destroy the other two, during Find Steele. When the Vault Hunters arrived at the The Vault, they found that the Crimson Lance had arrived first and had set up an ambush for them. Commandant Steele declared that the contents of the The Vault are the property of the Atlas Corporation and use her Siren abilities to join the three Vault Key fragments together and opened The Vault in front of the Vault Hunters during the cutscene before Destroy The Destroyer. After opening The Vault Commandant Steele ordered the helmetless Crimson Lance soldier standing next to her to get his team ready to enter The Vault before being stabbed through the torso by The Destroyer's tentacle like tongue and being swallowed whole, while it kills the helmetless Crimson Lance soldier and the two Lance Royal Guards nearby with its tentacles.

The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned

In The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned the Vault Hunters arrive in Dead Haven, Zombie infested Old Haven, during Secrets and Mysteries to find the whole Crimson Lance garrison dead or turned into Lance Zombies. As the Vault Hunters fought through the Dead Haven, they discover that Dr. Ned created the Zombies. While uncovering the truth about Dr. Ned in Dead Haven, the Vault Hunters fought also fought through Lance Zombies to find the whereabout of Contractor Frank Igorski, who works for the Hyper-Temps division of Hyperion Industrial, during It's Alive. The Vault Hunters found that Dr. Ned had combined Frank Igorski with his former assistant Bill, to create the monster Franken Bill, and put the abomination down. After uncovering evidence that Dr. Ned created the Zombies, the Vault Hunters headed to a Crimson Lance communication station located in Dead Haven and sent the evidence to the Jakobs Corporation. After transmitting the evidence to the Jakobs Corporation, the Vault Hunters are hired by them to murder Dr. Ned, and the Jakobs Corporation sent a Lance Assault Pod painted to show that it is owned by the Jakobs Corporation, for the Vault Hunters to use to travel back to Jakobs Cove. The Vault Hunters had to fend off the Zombie horde, including Lance Zombies until the Lance Assault Pod arrived.

Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot

This guy's weapon is insane... You'd better be quick on your feet! Here he is! Masterrrr McCloooooud!
— Mad Moxxi introducing Master McCloud in Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot

In Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot, Mad Moxxi hired the remnants of Commandant Steele's Crimson Lance forces to fight against competitors in the Hell-burbia, The Angelic Ruins, and The Gully arenas of The Underdome. The Vault Hunters battled against Lance Defenders, Lance Engineers, and Lance Infantry alongside Bandits, Guardians, and Skags, during Prove Yourself.. During the Boss Waves, Master McCloud and two Lance Royal Guards have a chance to spawn, how they are able to fight in The Underdome is never explained, they could of had their DNA stored in a New-U Station and were digistructed after their first defeat by the Vault Hunters. The Vault Hunters fought against the Crimson Lance, Bandits, Guardians, and Skags in The Underdome, with the Vault Hunter Mordecai and his pet Trash Feeder, Bloodwing, winning competition and Mad Moxxi as his prize.

The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

Pandora. A planet that once knew only peace and prosperity under the fair and noble direction of the Atlas Corporation. But there were those that sought to disrupt our perfect existence. Thieves and murderers. Perverts and scoundrels. The lawless garbage unleashed an unspeakable evil upon Pandora not known since the age of the Gods. But together, we shall not despair. Atlas has not forgotten you. We are returning and will restore order and security to your planet. When we arrive, we will...
— An Atlas film "Respecting your Superiors" from Atlas Educational Films, from The Secret Armory of General Knoxx introduction.

After the death of Commandant Steele, Admiral Mikey of the Atlas Corporation Crimson Lance, 3rd Starborne Brigade sent First General of the Crimson Lance, Son of Guillermo Delphino Knoxx III, Alphonso Knoxx to Pandora with no orders on what to do after he arrives. General Knoxx arrived on Pandora and began investigating Commandant Steele's failure, stockpiling munitions in the Crimson Armory, re-established Crimson Lance outposts along Road's End, Deep Fathoms, The Crimson Tollway, and The Ridgeway, re-fitted the Crimson Lance forces on Pandora with more energy efficient weapons, retook Old Haven from the Zombies, and sending updates to Admiral Mikey. General Knoxx later became irritated with the incompetence of Admiral Mikey, who was only 5 years old, and decided to use his forces to reclaim Pandora for the Atlas Corporation, and maintain the company's dominance of Eridian technology.

To assist General Knoxx in reclaiming Pandora, the Atlas Corporation sent the Omega Assassins who quickly cleaned up T-Bone Junction and reasserting Crimson Lance control over the settlement. The top Omega Assassins, Agent Athena, informed General Knoxx that she was going to desert the Crimson Lance once she had found her long lost sister, Jess. Atlas High Command was somehow informed about Agent Athena's plans for desertion and ordered the total annihilation of the village Jess lived in. Agent Athena was sent alongside the Crimson Lance forces to the village and killed Jess by mistake, and afterwards killed nine in a half Crimson Lance soldiers in a rage before being restrained. She later escaped from the Crimson Lance using an Outrunner as seen in the opening cutscene of The Secret Armory of General Knoxx.

During an Atlas Corporation propaganda message about how they are going to restore order to Pandora, Athena hijacked the transmission, declaring it all lies and asked the Vault Hunters to join her in destroying the Crimson Armory, as the Atlas Corporation had put bounties on the Vault Hunter's heads, with only the bounty on Athena being higher. The Vault Hunters arrived at the settlement of T-Bone Junction to find it under Crimson Lance control, Atlas Corporation propaganda is playing over the loudspeakers, Atlas Corporation wanted posters for the Vault Hunters and Crimson Lance propaganda posters are posted all across the settlement, Lance Probe launching stations along the highway that goes around the settlement, a Lancer in the parking lot of the Hyperion Fast-Travel Network Center & Relay Hub, and five Lance Probes spying on the settlements population.

While the Vault Hunters were looking for an Exhaust Pipe, Nitrous Oxide Tank, and X-372 Supercharger to complete the Monster in Scooter's, during Boost the Monster, they are ambushed by a squad of Omega Assassins lead by Vulcana. After murdering the Vulcana and her squad of Omega Assassins, Athena informed the Vault Hunters that the Atlas Corporation had ordered an Omega-Senshu on them and sent the Omega Assassins after them and that there were four more teams coming after them, starting Wanted: Dead!. While they were finding the parts for Scooter, the Vault Hunters destroyed the five Lance Probes spying on the population of T-Bone Junction in Big Crimson Brother is Watching for Helena Pearce, as it was a direct violation of Atlas' charter on Pandora. After gathering the three parts for the Monster, the Vault Hunters learned that the Crimson Lance had injured Scooter's hand and had to complete the Monster themselves, in Greasemonkey. The Arms Dealer Marcus Kincaid also hired the Vault Hunters to murder Crimson Lance soldiers to steal twenty-five Speed Cores, fifty Power Cores, and one hundred Shock Cores from the soldiers armor so that he can sell the Atlas Corporation's secret technology to Hyperion, Maliwan, and Torgue, during Core Collection.

The Vault Hunters travel down The Crimson Tollway in a couple of Monsters, destroying Lance Probes, Crimson Lancers, Gatling Turrets, and Crimson Lance troops to takedown the checkpoint and red energy shield blocking the highway down, in You've Got Moxxi: Roadblock. After fighting through the a Bandit camp the Vault Hunters were ambushed by Hera and her team of Omega Assassins outside of Moxxi's Red Light, during You've Got Moxxi: Moxxi's Red Light. After they learned that Athena was captured by Mr. Shank, leader of the Prisoners at Lockdown Palace, to claim the bounty on her head, they take down the North roadblock and while taking down the South roadblock they are ambushed by Minerva and her squad of Omega Assassins on The Ridgeway, during Prison Break: Road Warrior.

After taking down the roadblocks, the Crimson Lance hired the Vault Hunters to destroy ten Cheta Paws found in Deep Fathoms and the Sunken Sea, during Road Rage. Scooter had the Vault Hunters go steal Lancer Digistruct Module from the South Crimson Lance roadblock on The Ridgeway, which allowed them to digistruct a Lancer from any Catch-A-Ride station in Parched Fathoms, during OMG APC. After Athena is freed from Lockdown Palace, she hired the Vault Hunters to kill Lance Chemical Trooper Lieutenant Kyros at the southern Crimson Lance roadblock on The Ridgeway, and Lance Defender Lieutenant Typhon, who she considered to be two of the most demeaning officers in the Crimson Lance, in This Bitch is Payback.

The Vault Hunters find a ECHO Recorder, were they learned that Crimson Lance can take a personal ice cream leave of absence, stated in code 3.5.31 in a Crimson Lance manual, and that Derrick, a Crimson Lance soldier, left the access code to the Crimson Armory at the World's Largest Bullet in the Sunken Sea, during Code Breaker: Analysis. After recovering the ECHO Recorder that Derrick lost at the World's Largest Bullet from the Bandits that live there, the Vault Hunters learned that the access code to the Crimson Armory is Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Orange, during Code Breaker: Time is Bullets.

The Vault Hunters were sent back to Deep Fathoms by Athena, to take out a Crimson Lance outpost and activate the red energy bridge to cross canyon separating Deep Fathoms and Road's End, during Bridging the Gap. Once across the red energy bridge, the Vault Hunters eliminated the Crimson Lance outpost garrison and are ambushed by Ceresia and her Omega Assassin team, and found ECHO Recorder #1 for Knoxxed Out. The Vault Hunters activated the Gondola Station in Road's End to gain access to the Atlas communication tower and placed a listening device on it for the Dahl Corporation, while also retrieving ECHO Recorder #2 for Knoxxed Out, during Bugged. The Vault Hunters eliminated a Crimson Lance outpost and murdered Lance Rocketeer Commander Ajax, for Athena while also retrieving ECHO Recorder #3 for Knoxxed Out, during This Bitch is Payback, pt. 2. The Vault Hunters found a special radar designed to be used by Lancers and used it to locate five buried Crimson Lance Chests buried in the sand in Road's End, during Lost Lewts.

The Vault Hunters eliminated the Crimson Lance checkpoint at the end of the highway in Road's End where they were also ambushed by the last Omega Assassin, led by Helicon, and found ECHO Recorder #4 of Knoxxed Out. The Vault Hunters fought through Crimson Lance troops, found ECHO Recorder #5 for Knoxxed Out, and where ambushed by the Crimson Shorty, a Loot Midget who was hiding in a Crimson Lance Chest, while gaining entrance to the Crimson Armory, during Armory Assault. The Vault Hunters enter the Crimson Armory to find General Knoxx about to commit suicide in his Devastator armor with various turrets aimed at him and a rather large bomb ready to be dropped on him, once he notices the Vault Hunters he retracts all the turrets and the bomb and suggests that after they murder him, they should just blow up Pandora and everybody who lives on it. After the Vault Hunters murdered General Knoxx, they entered the Crimson Armory access code of Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Orange that they retrieved from the World's Largest Bullet, and were given a few minutes to loot the Crimson Armory before it exploded and they were respawned at the New-U Station next to the Crimson Armory entrance in Road's End, during Loot Larceny.

After the Crimson Armory was destroyed, the Atlas Corporation sold it to the Arms Dealer Marcus, who spent no time in repairing the facility and erecting statues of himself inside of it. Marcus hired the Vault Hunters to kill five Badass Lance soldiers, ten Lance Chemical Troopers, ten Lance Pyros, ten Lance Shock Troopers, and ten Lance Rocketeers to make sure the remaining Crimson Lance are too weak to try and retake the Crimson Armory, during Mop Up.

Following the death of General Knoxx, the Crimson Lance began a recruitment drive on Pandora. Potential recruits had to survive through five rounds against Crimson Lance units in the Circle of Duty ran by Director Zach. After pasting all five rounds the potential recruit can request to join the Crimson Lance. The Vault Hunters traveled to the Circle of Duty during Circle of Duty: New Recruit and completed all five rounds, during Circle of Duty: Cadet, Circle of Duty: Private, Circle of Duty: Corporal, Circle of Duty: Sergeant, and Circle of Duty: Medal of Duty. After completing all five rounds, the Vault Hunters were informed that they are not eligible to join the Crimson Lance, due to them being the ones who murdered General Knoxx. As the Vault Hunters traveled through Crawmerax's Lair to kill a creature from an ancient tale, Crawmerax the Invincible, who was apparently awakened by the destruction of the Crimson Armory, they came across multiple Crimson Lance soldiers who where slaughtered by Crawmerax the Invincible, Armored Craw Worms, Craw Maggots, and Green Craw Worms, and multiple warning signs placed by the Crimson Lance to keep its soldiers away, during You. Will. Die..

Claptrap's New Robot Revolution

For the Crimson Lance!
— Commandant Steele-Trap during battle against the Vault Hunters.

During Claptrap's New Robot Revolution, the Fryestone CL4P-TP general purpose robot, then known as Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap (INAC), resurrected and 'claptrapped' two high ranking members of the Crimson Lance. When the Vault Hunters arrive at the power planet in Sanders Gorge, during Operation Trap Claptrap Trap, Phase One, they were surprised to see that INAC had resurrected General Knoxx and had him 'claptrapped' him to fight for the Claptrap Robot Revolution. The Vault Hunters defeated General Knoxx-Trap, who was happy to be alive until he remembered that he wanted to be dead, and restored power to the drawbridges in Tartarus Station. When the Vault Hunters arrived to the warehouse in Scorched Snake Canyon during Operation Trap Claptrap Trap, Phase Three: TripWIRED they found that INAC had retrieved Commandant Steele's body from The Destroyer, resurrected and 'claptrapped' her to guard the the WIRED Device. The Vault Hunters defeated Commandant Steele-Trap, who was surprised to have a giant hole through her torso but glad to fight the Vault Hunters, and retrieved the WIRED Device to use against INAC.

As the Vault Hunters traveled through Wayward Pass during Operation Trap Claptrap Trap, Phase Four: Reboot to stop INAC, they come across flat façades of wood painted to look like Crimson Lance soldiers, Lance Assault Pods, and Devastators. The Vault Hunters arrived at an old Crimson Lance warehouse were they battle General Knoxx-Trap, again, who is not happy to be alive for a third time, in front of an audience of cheering CL4P-TP general purpose robot. As the Vault Hunters near the end of Wayward Pass they encounter Commandant Steele-Trap again, who also wishes to be dead, and defeated her in front of another audience of CL4P-TP general purpose robots.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Handsome Jack (on ECHO): Angel, pull up whatever we've got on Athena.

General Knoxx (on ECHO): Hnnnng, this is Knoxx. Today at 0300 hours, Lance Assassin Athena went AWOL, killing nine and a half Crimson Lance soldiers in the process. One of 'em got cut in two. Vertically. He's alive, but he's gotta hop everywhere. Anyway, my guess is she wasn't psyched about the Atlas High Command duping her into murdering her sister, which -- great idea, morons. You wanna kill somebody, you hire someone who doesn't give a rat's ass about the job. Regardless, she escaped -- with any luck she'll come back one day and kill all of us. Knoxx out.

Athena: Wise General Knoxx. Shame he had to die.

Wilhelm: Knoxx... that guy with the sickass robot suit? YOU killed him? Not bad!

Claptrap: Good ol' General Knoxx! He was the nicest, politest, most suicidal killing machine you ever could meet! That's why I revived him during my robolution and-- ERROR. FILES LOCKED.

— Recording on ECHO Device #1 and Athena's, Wilhelm's and Claptrap's responses during Boarding Party.

The Pandoran Vault Hunter Athena is a Crimson Lance deserter and one of the six playable characters in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, she wears pieces of her Omega Assassin armor and wields an Omega Assassin red plasma blade that she uses in her melee attacks. Athena also wields a Kinetic Aspis shield which may have been a piece of Omega Assassin equipment based off of the Omega symbol stylized on the front. The Crimson Lance symbol is also present on all Class Optimization Modules for The Gladiator.

The former Omega Assassin was crucial in Handsome Jack's take over of the Hyperion Corporation, finding the H-Source, the opening of the Vault of the Sentinel om Elpis, the discovery of the Vault of the Warrior on Pandora, the creation of the GUN Loaders, EXP Loaders and Constructors, unintentionally introducing Threshers to Pandora's ecosystem, and saving Elpis from being destroyed by the Dahl Lost Legion. The ex-Lanceman Roland also assists Handsome Jack in the retaking of Helios and betrays him by destroying the Eye of Helios, the weaponized eye of The Destroyer capable of destroying planets.

During the mission Boarding Party, Handsome Jack sends a group of Vault Hunters, Athena, Lady Aurelia Hammerlock, Nisha Kadam, FR4G-TP, the cyborg Wilhelm, and Handsome Jack's body double, Timothy Lawrence, to collect ECHO recordings of Handsome Jack spying on them, to protect the Vault Hunters from being hunted down by any Dahl Lost Legion survivors. The ECHO Recorder for Athena is a report from General Knoxx of her going AWOL and killing nine and a half Crimson Lance soldiers after being tricked into killing her long lost sister, Jess, by Atlas High Command. Athena calls General Knoxx wise and that it was a shame that he had to be killed, Wilhelm calls General Knoxx's Devastator armor a "sickass robot suit" and is impressed to learn that Athena killed him, while FR4G-TP begins to talk about reviving him as General Knoxx-Trap for its Robolution before coming across an error.

Borderlands 2

This is a message to any Crimson Lance left on Pandora. General Knoxx is dead, and knowing the Lance, they're more likely to cut their losses and leave you here than send an extraction ship. So unless you wanna starve to death out there, you've got two options. One, you become bandits. Two, you join me in protecting the people of Sanctuary. I can offer you food, shelter, and the chance to fight for something real, something meaningful -- a chance I know the Atlas Corporation never gave you. Roland, out.
— Lost Echo for the challenge Rise of the Crimson Raiders, found on a podium in Moxxxis.

The Atlas Corporation decided to abandon all remaining Crimson Lance personnel on Pandora, instead of sending an extraction ship, after General Knoxx's death and failure to kill Roland, Lilith, Brick, Mordecai, and Bloodwing. The former Vault Hunter and former Crimson Lance Sergeant, formed the Crimson Raiders out of abandoned Crimson Lance that he could persuade to join him, with the former Crimson Lance fiefdom of Sanctuary becoming the Crimson Raiders headquarters. The Crimson Lance soldiers who refused join the Crimson Raiders, either joined up with other remaining Crimson Lance soldiers in Old Haven, or become Bandits.

After a group of Vault Hunters, Axton, the Siren Maya, Salvador, Zer0, the Psycho Krieg, Gaige, and Gaige's robotic bodyguard, D374-TP, after surviving Handsome Jack's attempt to murder them found Lance Infantry corpses in Claptrap's Place. The Vault Hunters came across Hyperion wanted posters for Omega Assassins and Crimson Lance soldiers posted all over Pandora. Two Lost ECHOs for the challenge Rise of the Crimson Raiders, found in Sanctuary are about the former Vault Hunter and Crimson Lance deserter, Roland, rallying some of the abandoned Crimson Lance soldiers into a militia to the President of the Hyperion Corporation, Handsome Jack, from opening The Vault of the Warrior.

When the Vault Hunters traveled to the Tundra Express for the missions, A Train to Catch, Mighty Morphin', You Are Cordially Invited: Party Prep, You Are Cordially Invited: RSVP, You Are Cordially Invited: Tea Party, No Hard Feelings, Mine, All Mine, and The Pretty Good Train Robbery, they had to avoid blowing themselves up with the Lance Mines have buried scattered across the area. Disarming five Lance Mines by pulling the green lever, with complete the challenge, What's Yours Is Mine. The Vault Hunters later learned from the former Vault Hunter and former Crimson Raider, the Slab King, Brick, of the Slabs, that after forming the Crimson Raiders, the former Vault Hunters, Roland and Lilith, murdered all the Crimson Lance soldiers in Old Haven who refused to join them.

Tales from the Borderlands

During the time in the Tales from the Borderlands, a unit of the Crimson Lance were under the command of General Pollux to protect the Gortys Project in Old Haven. When Athena decided to terminate the project, she killed all the Crimson Lance soldiers at the Atlas facility that the Gortys Project was kept. When Athena was done she decided to hunt down Pollux to get his secret about the Project. Later, Rhys, Fiona, Sasha and Vaughn discovered all the dead bodies at the facility. Handsome Jack claimed that he destroyed the Crimson Lance, although this was proven to be false with active bases and personnel elsewhere.

Borderlands 3

Following Rhys Strongfork's acquisition of the Atlas Corporation, the Crimson Lance subsequently began fighting for him. During Maliwan's attempted takeover, the Crimson Lance were seen fighting off Maliwan troops in their attempted takeover of the company. The Crimson Lance has started a new recruitment program, after killing over one hundred people with an Atlas firearm, the wielder is qualified for infantry service in the Crimson Lance.




The Soldier Class Optimization Modules (COMs) manufactured by Anshin, Atlas, Dahl, Jakobs, Maliwan, S&S Munitions, Torgue, and Vladof seem to be created for use by Crimson Lance troops. The Leader COM manufactured by Dahl and Jakobs is designed for use by Badass Chemical Troopers, Badass Engineers, Badass Pyros, Badass Shock Troopers, Lance Combat Medics, and Lance Engineers by reducing the cooldown on usage of their Scorpio Turrets and Scorpio Turret variants. The Support Gunner COM manufactured by S&S Munitions and Vladof is designed to be used by Badass Engineers and Lance Engineers by increasing the number of shots in each burst fired by their Scorpio Turrets. The Tactician manufactured by Anshin and Maliwan is designed to be used by Lance Combat Medics to increase the healing capabilities of their Lance Aid Station Scorpios.

The Gladiator COMs manufactured by Anshin, Dahl, Hyperion, Jakobs, Maliwan, Scav, and Vladof are all stylized with the Crimson Lance emblem and designed for use by Omega Assassins and with the Kinetic Aspis shield used by the ex-Omega Assassin Athena. The Cannoness COM manufactured by Jakobs, the Celestial Gladiator COM manufactured by Vladof, the Chronicler of Elpis COM manufactured by Dahl, Hyperion, and Maliwan, the Defender manufactured by Anshin, the Eridian Vanquisher COM manufactured by Hyperion and Maliwan, the Gladiatrix COM manufactured by Hyperion, the Hologram COM manufactured by Dahl, and the Protector COM manufactured by Anshin are all designed to be used alongside the Kinetic Aspis by enhancing its abilities.



The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned

Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot

The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

Crimson Lance Units

Soldiers of the Crimson Lance





The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned

The Secret Armory of General Knoxx





Notable Crimson Lance Characters


Wanted poster of Roland

  • Commandant Steele - A Siren and Leader of the Atlas Corporation Crimson Lance, D Company, 3rd Starborne Brigade.
  • Master McCloud - High-ranked officer and member of the, Lance Royal Guard.
  • Roland - Playable character who is a Crimson Lance deserter.

The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

  • Admiral Mikey - Admiral of the Atlas Corporation Crimson Lance, 3rd Starborne Brigade and is only 5 years old.
  • Agent Athena - An ex-Lance Assassin who lends aid towards destroying the Crimson Armory.
  • Ceresia - A Lance Assassin officer who ambushes the player at the beginning of Road's End.
  • Commander Ajax - A Lance Rocketeer Commander who uses a jetpack to fight airborne at his outpost in Road's End.
  • Crimson Shorty - A Lance Infantry Loot Midget hiding a Crimson Lance Chest in Road's End.
  • Director Zach - The Director of the Circle of Duty.
  • General Alphonso Knoxx - First General of the Crimson Lance and the titular character of The Secret Armory of General Knoxx.
  • Hera - A Lance Assassin officer who ambushes the player outside of Moxxi's Redlight.
  • Helicon - A Lance Assassin officer who ambushes the player in front of the Crimson Armory main entrance.
  • Lieutenant Kyros - A Lance Chemical Trooper Lieutenant in charge of the northern Lance blockade in The Ridgeway.
  • Lieutenant Typhon - A Lance Defender Lieutenant in charge of the southern Lance blockade in The Ridgeway.
  • Minerva - A Lance Assassin officer who ambushes the player at The Ridgeway.
  • Vulcana - A Lance Assassin officer who ambushes the player in T-Bone Junction.

Claptrap's New Robot Revolution

Borderlands 2

  • Corporal Reiss - An ex-Lance Infantry soldier who has joined the Crimson Raiders.
  • Lieutenant Davis - An ex-Lance Chemical Trooper who has joined the Crimson Raiders and guards Sanctuary's outer gate and shield generators.
  • Private Jessup - An ex-Lanceman who has joined the Crimson Raiders and guards Sanctuary's inner gate

Tales from the Borderlands

  • Dumpy - A Lance Probe guarding the Gortys Project facility under Old Haven.
  • General Pollux - A Lance general who commanded the Gortys Project facility garrison under Old Haven.

Borderlands 3

  • Liam - A Crimson Lance soldier who guards the VIP and main entrance to Atlas HQ.

Strategy and Tactics


Borderlands Canal Gameplay

Lilith Fighting Crimson Lance Troops

The Crimson Lance are the most well-equipped human opponents in Borderlands. They carry weapons and equipment of higher quality than is seen in bandit hands - uncommon or better weapons and modded grenades - and many also use orb shields, while all of them wear body armor. Anyone facing them must take care as their high quality equipment gives them considerable firepower and added lasting power. On the other hand, their being better equipped does mean they will always drop some loot: any combination of the gun, grenade mod and shield they were using. This can make them a prime source of excellent loot particularly in four-player games.

In addition, all Crimson Lance soldiers wear body armor that primarily covers their head, chest, arms and shins. This armor reduces non-elemental bullet damage considerably, making them difficult to kill. Though they have the same weak spot as all other human enemies (the head), their armor also reduces the damage inflicted by head shots, while their movement and constant output of suppressing firepower makes aiming for their heads difficult. A player can aim at their exposed thighs if given no other options. The armor comes not without a price: Corrosive weapons are very effective against them; while the damage-over-time effect is active, corrosion also temporarily weakens their armor, mitigating some of its damage reduction and allowing other attacks to penetrate more effectively. However, take especial care of the occasional Lance soldier equipped with a corrosive resistance orb shield; like any other enemy or player equipped with such a shield, they will flash green when hit.

The ballistic shields wielded by Defenders cover most of their body when they are facing attackers, and any shots striking it will do zero damage. Powerful or sustained shots to their shield can knock it aside, allowing an opportunity to shoot at their bodies or heads. The shields are also not tall enough to completely protect their heads so a decent marksman should be able to shoot over the shield and hit them for critical damage. The shields will also never cover their feet, so if they are not behind other cover this is also a viable target. Lastly, the splash effect from most elemental weapons can often get around the shield to hit the soldiers themselves. Elemental weapons, sniper rifles and automatic weapons are therefore highly regarded for use against Defenders.

Engineers can deploy a Scorpio Turret which supplements their own firepower. Because the Scorpio is stationary and has a fixed fire arc, players can avoid its damage by jumping over it or moving around and outside its range of rotation. The turret is quite durable but vanishes when the Engineer dies, so the Engineer is usually the preferred target. The turret can otherwise be used for Second Wind if it remains exposed when the Engineer gets behind cover.

Finally, Crimson Lance Badasses have a lot more health and even more armor than their ordinary counterparts. All of them wear additional armor plates, including large shoulder guards that block line of sight to their heads from most angles and completely negate bullet damage in that location the same way the shields of Defenders do. Furthermore, every part of their body is covered in damage-reducing armor. They are virtually immune to normal gunfire, though critical hits will still do some damage. They also seem to be more aggressive and more willing to get close or pursue the player during firefights than the rank-and-file Lance mercenaries.

Despite how formidable they are, these Badasses otherwise behave like their respective type. Infantry are very mobile and aggressive; Defenders will have shields and will flinch once these shields absorb enough damage; Engineers will drop Scorpio Turrets. The recommended tactics against their ordinary versions still apply but extra care must be taken. The use of elemental weapons, specifically Corrosive guns, are especially emphasized in dealing with them.


  • Crimson Lance can occasionally be found wielding Eridian weapons. Such weapons are commonly found on high-level Lance Infantry and Elemental Troopers.
  • The Crimson Lance use assault pods for quick force deployment, which can be seen in the Salt Flats, Crimson Enclave and Eridian Promontory. In The Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC, some of these assault pods can be seen arriving from a distance, and standing in the way of the flying rocket's landing zone will result in death due to pod impact.




Ice cream and Cupcake

  • The Crimson Lance operating on Pandora under Commander Steele are part of the Crimson Lance D Company 3rd Starborne Brigade, dispatched under the orders of General Knoxx.
  • Crimson Lance doctrine states that the only type of discharge is dishonorable, which generally involves a bullet through the skull.
  • Lance soldiers can take a day off for a "personal ice cream leave of absence", code 3.5.31 in the Manual; see video for the ECHO log.
  • The first four rounds of the Circle of Duty are called Cadet, Private, Corporal, and Sergeant, these may be the four lowest ranks in the Crimson Lance.
    • The fifth and final round is called Medal of Duty, this may be an award one is given for being accepted into the Crimson Lance.
  • Coincidentally, the "Crimson Lance" can also appear as the name of a particular model of Hyperion-manufactured sniper rifle when the "Crimson" prefix appears on a Lance rifle.
  • "Harder than a shiv into a Truxican's sternum." is an old Crimson Lance saying according to Lt. Davis.
  • In Borderlands 2 Badass Marauders and Crimson Raiders members wear pieces of Crimson Lance armor.
  • In Borderlands 2, having a game save from Borderlands will unlock a head, Vault Veteran: Lancer, for Axton that is a Crimson Lance helmet.
    • In Borderlands 3, the mission reward for Atlas, At Last is a head customization, Lance Helmet, that is a Crimson Lance helmet for Amara, FL4K, Moze, and Zane Flynt.


Commandant Steele

General Knoxx

General Knoxx

  • Shit! (Grenade is thrown near them or wounded)
  • Drop 'em! (Attacking)
  • Get down! (Grenade is thrown near them or wounded)
  • Chaaaarge! (Attacking)
  • Taking fire here! (Attacking)
  • Engaging! (Attacking)
  • Engaging target! (Attacking)
  • Open fire! (Attacking)
  • What the hell?! (Wounded)
  • Taking cover! (Wounded)
  • This is your last warning. (When heard)
  • Get back at once. (When heard)
  • Turn back or we will open fire!

Note: Only Crimson Lance that have elemental specialties say these with subtitles appearing. However, one can still hear normal Crimson Lance say similar lines, except with heavy radio static.

  • "Hostiles, fire!" (when they spot a target)
  • "Fire at will!" (when they spot a target)
  • "There they are, attack!" (when they spot a target)
  • "I need some support!" (if they're pinned)
  • "Suppress that target!" (if they're pinned)
  • "Powering shields!" (when their shields are depleted)
  • "Recharging!" (when their shields are depleted)
  • "Shields down!" (when their shields are depleted)
  • "I'm hit!" (after taking significant damage to health)
  • "I need a medic!" (after taking significant damage to health)
  • "Need med evac now!" (if a Lance soldier near them is killed)
  • "I need evac!" (if a Lance soldier near them is killed)
  • "Lancemate down!" (if a Lance soldier near them is killed)
  • "We're taking casualties!" (if a Lance soldier near them is killed)

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