Crimson Fastness is the Crimson Lance's base near the Salt Flats. It only has a transition out to the Crimson Enclave, as the transition back to the Back Door becomes unusable, but will appear in the Fast Travel menu after it is entered.


There is very little information about the Crimson Fastness available in-game. It is the transmission station for the ECHO communications system and was presumably forcibly acquired by the Crimson Lance upon their arrival on the planet for use as a military staging area.


Common Enemies

Notable Friendlies

Weapon Crate Locations

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  • Inside Patricia Tannis' cell, there are various scrawling on the wall, not all of these are 'In character'. Among these ramblings are some blueprints for a vehicle and a theory stating that the Vault hunters are in a cyclic existence (and will inevitably return in the second playthrough).
  • In the cell that a player can walk into there is a picture on the wall that states "Eat Skag and Die", clearly a reference to common saying "Eat shit and die".
  • There are also a number of Lancers garaged here that are not drivable, providing only cover during the fighting.
  • This a good place to farm weapons, due to the number of high quality weapons chests and lockers.
  • In the area full of bunk-beds and lockers, there are a variety of objects the Crimson Lance use in their spare time, such as "Llama" brand cigarettes, and "GUN-HO" magazines. There is also junk food and innumerable cans of CONQUISTA brand beer.
  • A "fastness" is a word for "fortress" or "stronghold", and shares etymological roots with the term "to fasten", or make secure.
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