Crimson Lance Chests

Inside the Crimson Armory, all 24 of the Crimson Lance Chests (and all the regular red and silver chests) are only accessible while an Armory Looting mission is active: Armory Assault, Super-Marcus Sweep, and It's Like Christmas!

For information on the Armory Glitch, click here. While exploiting this glitch, it is important to not enter the room in which the looting mission waypoint is located, the central room in the Armory.

While the mission It's Like Christmas! is active, there are 15 level 48 Chests, and 9 Level 60 Chests.

Level 60 Chests: 9

There is a level 60 Chest in the room one would drop into using the Armory Glitch.

A level 60 Chest is in the Garage area, at the bottom of the exit ramp that leads to the area where the player battles General Knoxx.

3 level 60 Chests are behind the red force fields and are only accessible by the directional elevator in the main area of the Armory. These chests randomly appear in any of the 9 cubbyholes.

2 level 60 Chests are among the shipping containers on the 3rd floor of the Armory.

On the third floor of the Armory, adjacent to the shipping containers, is a drawbridge that can be lowered, allowing Armory glitchers access to the far side of the Mission Objective elevator. After crossing this bridge, and going down a level, there is a walkway that leads to the bottom level. The player can jump over the handrail on the right hand side of this walkway, and discover 3 chests. One of these is a level 60 Crimson Lance Chest.

Down the stairs from that walkway, is another room, in the Southern end of the Armory. In that room you will find the last level 60 Chest.

Level 48 Chests: 15

There are 9 level 48 Crimson Lance Chests in the 9 cubbyholes behind the red force fields, accessible using the directional elevator in the main room of the armory.

From the 3rd floor of the Armory, West of the area with shipping containers, there is a 4th floor, available by the lifting platform at the west end of the bridge across the force field room. At the top of this platform there is a level 48 chest on the second right hand corridor. Another is along the handrail overlooking the force field room. The last 4 level 48 chests are on the walkway circling the central elevator shaft.

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