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*The Creeper is an enemy originally from the game [ Minecraft]. They appear in ''[[Borderlands 2]]'' as an [[Borderlands 2 Easter Eggs|Easter Egg]].
*The Creeper is an enemy originally from the game [ Minecraft]. They appear in ''[[Borderlands 2]]'' as an [[Borderlands 2 Easter Eggs|Easter Egg]].
*The Minecraft skins are based on the default [ Steve skin].
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The Creeper is a creature with a curious block-like appearance that lives in a hidden cave in the Caustic Caverns. Creepers are generally silent, and prefer to draw in close before self-detonating. They are tall and blocky in appearance, with bright green and gray pixel skin.

Several Creepers can be found in a mine shaft in the north-west section of Caustic Caverns across a mine cart bridge. The entrance is marked with large squarish boulders and covered with breakable blocks that strongly resemble Minecraft dirt and smooth stone. After tunneling a short distance, the tunnel opens into a small cave where several Creepers emerge from the dark tunnels one by one. Finally, the last creeper to appear is the Badass Creeper.


Badass Creeper

The Badass Creeper is a unique variant of the regular Creeper. He is much larger and produces a bigger explosion when killed. The first creeper encountered may be a Badass Creeper. The last Creeper encountered will always be a Badass.


Creepers will chase after any character they see that gets close. When in close proximity, a Creeper will produce a sound similar to lighting a fuse and violently explode. Shooting a creeper while the "fuse" is going will prematurely trigger the explosion away from the character. Creepers have no form of attack other than this suicidal explosion.


  • Phaselocking a Creeper about to explode may cause the game to crash.
  • Badass Creepers have a chance of dropping the Longbow or Blockhead. Creepers commonly drop Minecraft themed skins for each character class. Badass Creepers always drop a Minecraft themed head for each character class.
Axton Gaige Krieg Maya Salvador Zer0
BL2-Axton-Head-Mine But Not Yours BL2-Gaige-Head-Pig Rider BL2-Krieg-Head-VIDEOGAMEFACE Maya 05 Creeper Slayer SalvadorCrafty BL2-Zer0-Head-Crafty

Axton Gaige Krieg Maya Salvador Zer0
BL2-Axton-Skin-Minecraft Gaige-skin-minecraft BL2-Krieg-Skin-MINE MINE MINE MINE Outfit Maya Minecraft SalvadorMinecraft BL2-Zer0-Skin-Mincecraft



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