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The Creeper is a creature that lives in a hidden cave in the Caustic Caverns. Creepers behave identically to their Minecraft counterparts, being generally silent and attacking with a self-detonation. They are tall and blocky in appearance, with a bright green and gray pixel skin.


Several Creepers can be found in a mine shaft in the north-west section of Caustic Caverns across a mine cart bridge. The entrance is marked with large squarish boulders and covered with breakable blocks that strongly resemble Minecraft dirt and smooth stone. After tunneling a short distance, the tunnel opens into a small cave where several Creepers emerge from the dark tunnels one by one. Finally, the last creeper to appear is the Badass Creeper.

The Badass Creeper is a unique variant of the regular Creeper. They are much larger and will produce a bigger explosion when killed. All creepers have a small chance of spawning as a Badass Creeper. The last Creeper encountered will always be a Badass. Both can spawn.



Creepers will chase after any character they see that gets close. When in close proximity, a Creeper will produce a sound similar to lighting a fuse and violently explode. Shooting a creeper while the "fuse" is going will cause it to explode instantly.

Creepers are immune to singularity effects, such as from grenades or Converge.

Creepers have no critical hit spot, reducing the usefulness of weaker weapons that depend on critical hits, such as a Lady Fist or low rarity sniper rifles.


  • Phaselocking a Creeper about to explode may cause the game to crash.
  • Badass Creepers are the only source for the Longbow, Blockhead, and Minecraft-themed heads.
  • All Creepers have a chance to drop Minecraft-themed skins.
  • Creeper explosions are the only way to break the Minecraft blocks besides melee. Luring Creepers close to large collections of blocks, such as in the middle of the cavern or the entrance, is a quick way to expose any loot contained within.



  • The Creeper is a reference to the enemy of the same name from Minecraft.