For the unique launcher in Borderlands 2, see Creamer.

Creamer is a legendary rocket launcher in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Torgue.

Special Weapon Effects

Non-dairy. – Heals the user for a percentage of the damage based on the listed stats.

Usage & Description

The Creamer heals for 10% of the gun damage stated on the card. For example, if the card states a gun damage of 6177, every hit will heal 6177 × 10% = 617.7 HP.

The amount of damage dealt to an enemy does not matter - as long as the rocket hits a target, the character will be healed according to the weapon's base damage.


  • Most damage bonuses do not increase the amount healed, but some do:
    • Examples of bonuses that increase life steal: +100%/+250%/+300% gun damage anointments, Amara's Wrath skill
    • Examples of bonuses that do not increase life steal: +125% against badasses anointment, +50% bonus elemental damage anointments, Amara's Personal Space or Tempest skill, gun damage Guardian Rank
  • Shooting the target dummy on Sanctuary or the character's vehicle triggers the healing effect.


  • The Creamer is a returning weapon from Borderlands 2 but as a legendary rocket launcher.
  • There is a picture of Max Moxxi on the "wings" of the launcher, and her name is printed on the barrel.
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