Creamer is a unique rocket launcher manufactured by Torgue. The Creamer can be obtained as a mission reward for completing Creature Slaughter: Round 5 in the Creature Slaughter Dome DLC. The Creamer uses the Maliwan rocket launcher barrel.

Special Weapon Effects

non-dairy – High rocket velocity, rocket explodes, splits in two, and spreads after a certain distance. User is healed 2% of damage dealt while holding this weapon.

Usage and Description

Besides its higher damage and generally better stats for a launcher, the Creamer can also be used to heal characters when their health is low. It's also an excellent gun to use in Fight For Your Life mode, as it can replenish a high quantity of health.


  • The secondary projectiles each deal 80% of the damage of the initial explosion.
  • This weapon was unlocked as a common drop from Midge-Mong on 10/18/2013 after all the community goals during Week 1 of the Borderlands 2 Loot Hunt were completed.


  • The weapon's full title in the game files is "Miss Moxxi's Creamer;" "Miss Moxxi's" is treated as a prefix by the game engine and can be replaced with other prefixes.
  • Mad Moxxi herself hosted Week 1 of the Borderlands 2 $100,000 Loot Hunt, the week that featured the Creamer as its community reward.

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