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Craw Thumpers are small, agile enemies featured in Sir Hammerlock vs. the Son of Crawmerax DLC. They only appear in the Privilege Pavillion and Sparky Flynt's Clubhouse places of the Wam Bam Island. They are tall, slender craw worms that are brownish-grey. They have no claws but have large tentacles and mandibles around their jaw.



Craw Thumpers travel by burrowing through the ground. Their movement is easy to spot as it leaves a trail of disturbed ground in their wake. They always emerge from the ground to pin-point location of their target, then go underground before resurfacing to hurl themselves at their prey. This attack is easy to avoid as they can not change direction once they launch themselves into the air. Damage received is not significant even if they manage to hit the target. Whether or not they manage to hit their intended targets, Craw Thumpers tend to spend extended periods of time on the ground almost motionless which leaves them exposed and vulnerable. Being very weak they pose very little to no threat at all.


  • In the final phase of their attack, they produce what looks like a mini nova blast. This blast, however, appears to inflict no damage.
  • They cannot be harmed while completely underground.

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