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Craw Maggots are small, agile enemies in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. They only appear in Crawmerax's Lair, and they always spawn at level 69.

Craw Maggots are tall, slender craw worms that are brownish grey. They have no claws and have large mandibles around their jaw.



The Maggot will rush in or appear out of the ground and bite. This attack is extremely powerful and can be done fairly quickly. The Maggot also hurls itself at prey. Unlike most other maggots, this will be done anywhere on the stage, not just near the edge. This is their favorite attack and it delivers significant knock-back. It will also hit more than once should the knockback place it's target in front of the maggot again. Their spit attack fires almost all three globs at once. Dodging this is possible, but more difficult at closer ranges.

Craw Maggots are best dealt with by a few well placed shots to their glowing eye. They can also be detected using the ECHO radar which shows their position as a red dot that moves back and forth while growing. Maggots approach quickly to a certain point while weaving in a snake-like pattern, then come in directly to attack. When battling one, it is best to keep away from ledges, as they will use their jumping attack to launch enemies off of the staging area.

Using shock weapons is very effective. The S&S Orion sniper rifle, Aries pistol, and the Eridian Thunder Storm will eliminate them in two to three shots. These weapons will also cause Maggots to stop and cry out, stunning them for a few seconds. This tactic can be helpful in dealing with multiple Craw Maggots.

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