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Crap-Storm is the title of a group of common rocket launchers manufactured exclusively by Scavs using the Vladof triple barrel. The Crap-Storm is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage & Description

Uniquely among the high-velocity launchers, the Crap-Storm fires one rocket from each of the three muzzles of the barrel, resulting in a shotgun-like rocket launcher mostly suited to short-to-medium range combat. Each firing still only uses one rocket ammo, and the magazine is generous, on par with a low-level Vanquisher. The downsides are a punishingly long reload time, and that the individual rockets are fairly weak. On average the total damage will be similar to a high-damage launcher of equal quality and level, but the individual projectiles deal slightly less damage than those of a Vanquisher.


  • Unlike the Vanquisher, the gatling barrel does not rotate when firing.