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For the Borderlands shield of the same name, see Cracked Sash (Borderlands).

Cracked Sash is a unique Tediore shield in Borderlands 2. The Cracked Sash is a rare drop from super badass varkids and Chubby enemies.

Usage & Description

Like the original Cracked Sash from Borderlands, the Borderlands 2 version has no red flavor text and features a relatively low shield capacity combined with a high recharge speed and very low recharge delay, ranging from 1.48 to 0.98 seconds. The delay, in particular, is a marked improvement over its predecessor's flat 2.0 delay, making the Cracked Sash capable of being used in more intense combat situations.

However, unlike the Borderlands iteration, the Borderlands 2 Cracked Sash's properties are not unique: a standard purple-rarity Tediore Shield is capable of obtaining the same low recharge delay and fast recharge speed. Indeed, a purple-rarity Tediore Express/Instant/Speedy shield with the same battery, body, and capacitor as a same-level Cracked Sash will have identical stats in all areas.

Despite the lack of a unique effect, the Cracked Sash is treated internally as a unique item and uses a different parts lists than what is used by standard Tediore Shields. Specifically, the Cracked Sash will not spawn with any parts manufactured by Anshin, Maliwan, Pangolin, or Torgue. This parts exclusion lowers the Cracked Sash's maximum recharge delay to 1.48 seconds compared to the standard Shield's 2.13, and also makes it more likely for the Cracked Sash to spawn with its lowest possible delay. However, this same exclusion also prevents the Cracked Sash from using any of the Maliwan or Torgue elemental resistance capacitors, while standard Shields have no such limitation.

While finding and killing Chubby enemies is only minimally difficult, the player is far more likely to come across a standard purple-rarity Tediore Shield with similar stats from any number of potential sources, and is virtually guaranteed to find at least one during the course of normal gameplay.