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Cracked Sash is a Shield with an incredibly short delay (exactly 2 seconds) before recharge kicks in. It then has an extremely fast recharge rate, recharging in 0.9 seconds. This shield is dropped by the Rakk boss, Rakkinishu.

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Usage & Description[]

While the Cracked Sash does have a fast recharge, it has very low capacity. At equal level, it is usually equal to about 1/3 or 1/2 of the player's health. A good quality Anshin Alacritous Ambush ("Super Fast Recharge!") shield will give similar recharge rates with a larger capacity. The Cracked Sash can be effective for Hunters who favor venturing out of cover only long enough to line up a Critical Hit with a sniper rifle from long range. Players that prefer using guerilla tactics to take advantage of its phenomenal recharge rates, can make good use of the Cracked Sash.


  • Higher level versions of Rakkinishu (Playthrough 2 and Playthrough 2.5) yield higher level versions of this shield.
  • The Cracked Sash has a shorter recharge delay and rate than any other shield.
  • The Cracked Sash is one of the very few items on Pandora of which there are no variations (all parts are predefined).


  • Its name (and that of the boss) is a reference to a Diablo II item and unique enemy, respectively.


The Cracked Sash effect comes from the body4_CrackedSash body. It greatly lowers capacity, but gives a huge increase in recharge rate. This increase though should be contrasted by the mandatory presence of leftside1 and rightside1, which give no bonuses, and its material CrackedSash_Material, which doesn't give any bonuses either. Please see Stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

body4_CrackedSash body4
Capacity: -150%
Recharge Delay: -250%
Recharge Rate: +200%

Recharge Delay: -50%
Recharge Rate: +66%
CrackedSash_Material Material_Anshin_1 Material_Anshin_3
Recharge Delay: -30%
Recharge Rate: +20%
Recharge Delay: -60%
Recharge Rate: +54%