Corporal Reiss is an NPC and member of the Crimson Raiders located in Three Horns - Divide. He is one of the Crimson Raiders whom the Vault Hunters meet in the mission The Road to Sanctuary.


Reiss is first seen out on a mission to retrieve a stolen power core for the resistance when he comes under attack by bandits at Fishguts Outpost. Escaping from the bandits, he destroys the bridge to their camp before driving a Bandit Technical away at speed.

Reiss is later found dying of his wounds on the icy bluffs overlooking the bandit camp. He has the power core, but is too weak to make it back to Sanctuary, so with his dying breath he insists the Vault Hunters transport the much needed core, and then slips away.



"I'm just going to take a nap. Wake me up when I'm not on Pandora anymore."

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