Cosmic Crater is a legendary artifact in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Eridian.

Special Effects

Come on and SLAM! – Slams create an elemental puddle that lasts for a few seconds.


Affected Variable

The Cosmic Crater will grant three of the following bonuses.

  • Shield capacity
  • Shield recharge delay
  • Elemental resistance
  • Elemental chance
  • Elemental damage
  • Combat XP
  • Weapon type-specific damage
  • Weapon accuracy
  • Action skill cooldown rate
  • Fight For Your Life movement speed

Additional Effects

  • Atom Balm
    Increased radiation aura damage, burst damage and burst radius.
  • Corrosive Stone
    Melee attacks deal corrosive damage.
  • Hot Drop
    Slam launches incendiary projectiles that spawn Magma Puddles.
  • Ice Breaker
    Increased cryo efficiency and damage against frozen targets.
  • Loot Expanding
    Increased amount of cash, health and ammo obtained from pickups.
  • Snowdrift
    Increased sliding speed and sliding launches a snowball that deals cryo damage.


  • The flavor text is a reference to the theme song of the 1996 film Space Jam.
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