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Corrosive Crystal Harvest is an optional mission in Borderlands that becomes available on New Haven Bounty Board after Power To The People is complete.


"Corrosive Elemental Artifacts allow you to customize your skills with the power of acid. The key component for such an artifact is the Corrosive Crystal. I can fashion an artifact for you, but you'll need to provide the crystals. Go to the Tetanus Warren and shoot the Crystal Clusters to break them apart. Watch out for the bandits that have taken over the cave."



Harvest Corrosive Crystals in the Tetanus Warren.
  • Corrosive Crystals: 0/50


Head to Tetanus Warren, which is in the New Haven zone, to begin. There is a Fast Travel point inside. Head up the main path and you will come across the first cluster. When shot, these will break apart and the broken shards can be collected off the ground. Using a powerful shotgun at close range can instantly break the stash, earning all five crystals straight away. Head through the little gate to find two more clusters guarded by spiderants. A little further up is a fourth cluster. A little further up ahead again is a fifth cluster. From here, there are 3 paths. First, go to the southwest one and get the mission Claptrap Rescue: Tetanus Warren. There isn't anything down that path besides a Red Chest. Now, go back head down the left path. There will be 2 more clusters before a bandit filled camp. Keep along the left wall and in a new acid pool area, there will be 2 more clusters with a bunch of spiderants. This should fill up the required quota of 50 crystal shards. It is suggested to finish up Claptrap Rescue and King Tossing while in this area.


"These crystals are perfect! Here's the artifact I promised. Enjoy your corrosive new ability!"


  • Text of Corrosive Crystal item: It hisses as acid seeps from the surface.