Corrosion of Dignity is an optional mission in the Claptastic Voyage DLC from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.



  • Corrode Dignity


This short mission starts with D1GN1TY-TP briefly thinking that he's needed for something, but then realizing that Claptrap's dignity remains an unnecessary commodity. D1GN1TY-TP resigns himself to his fate, and the Vault Hunters must attack him with a corrosive weapon. Once the corrosive effect takes hold, D1GN1TY-TP embraces the feeling, only to be surprised when he survives the corrosive process (even though he's been reduced by this point to his eye). He resolves that his indomitable spirit must soldier on, and thanks the Vault Hunters for their assistance. He is then defecated on by a passing bird, and the mission can be turned in.


Turn In: What remains of D1GN1TY-TP

"You tried your best, but dignity is a hard thing to kill."


  • D1GN1TY-TP has a reasonably large health pool, such that his disintegration at the hands of the corrosion is a scripted event which will trigger at the end of his dialogue regardless of the state of his health bar. Damaging D1GN1TY-TP sufficiently to bring his health bar to zero prematurely will cut off his dialogue in favor of the next.
  • This mission is technically available as soon as Motherlessboard is entered the first time, but D1GN1TY-TP's platform is not accessible until the path to Memory Bank 4 has been opened during the story mission The Psychology of a Claptrap.

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