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Corpse Eaters are undead Trash Feeders.



Corpse eaters attack in swarms in a manner not unlike rakk, but are much harder to shake off. They make several attacks before backing off for another pass. Like rakk, they are quite fragile and will usually die to the first thing that hits them. As such, shotguns and certain area effect attacks have been found to be very effective against them.


  • Although similar to Rakk in behavior, killing Corpse Eaters does not count toward the 'Rakk Slayer' chain of Challenges.
  • The name suggests that the native Trash Feeders became undead by feeding off the remains of the dead, and so became more hostile like the other zombies.
  • The high abundance of Corpse Eaters, along with their small amount of health makes it very easy the get the "Conveyor of Death" challenge.
  • The large numbers of Corpse Eaters also makes them ideal sources of weapon proficiency levels on playthroughs 2 and 2.5.
  • A glitch when returning to Jakobs Cove from Generally Hospital occurs when players attract corpse eaters while running along the beach to the alcove area. The corpse eaters will clip through the rock walls of the alcove to harass the intruders.


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