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The cooldown is the time required to re-charge the action skill of each playable character.

Cooldown reduction skills[]

Each character has two skills that reduce the cooldown time of the action skill.

  • The first skill is always an effect that permanently reduces the length of the cooldown
  • The second skill is always a triggered cooldown reduction reduction:
    • Roland: Refire – Shooting an enemy – 1 second reduction
    • Lilith: Blackout – Killing an enemy – 1.2 second reduction
    • Brick: Liquidate – Dealing explosive damage – 1 second reduction
    • Mordecai: Carrion Call – Hitting an enemy with a Sniper Rifle round – 0.8 second reduction


  • Lilith's Catalyst class mod grants team cooldown reduction.
  • Other mods that give skill boosts can make an action skill cooldown even faster.
  • If the Predator skill is fully leveled up and a mod that gives +4 to the Predator skill is equipped, the Bloodwing can cooldown in 1 second.
  • In Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, the primary method of cooldown reduction in through the Cooldown Rate stat. This increases the rate at which a skill cools down. The new cooldown for a skill after applying the Cooldown Rate stat is:
    • Cooldown = (Base Cooldown) / (1 + Cooldown Rate)