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This page lists the default control keys for Borderlands across all three platforms.

Ground Combat

The control interface for Borderlands is a standard system common to many first person shooter games, with a few quirks for the more esoteric control functions in the game.

360 PS3 PC Description
A X Space Jump
X Square E Reload, Pick up (press and hold to grab multiple / instantly equip items)
R Reload
B Circle C Crouch
Y Triangle Scroll wheel Cycle through equipped weapons
Left Stick Left Stick WASD Move around, Click to Sprint
Right Stick Right Stick Mouse Look around/aim, Click to Melee
Click Left Stick L3 / Click Left Stick Shift Sprint
Click Right Stick R3 / Click Right Stick V Melee
LB L1 F Use Action Skill
RB R1 G Throw Grenade
LT L2 Right Mouse Button Zoom/Ironsight
RT R2 Left Mouse Button Shoot
Back Select Tab ECHO Screen
Start Start Escape Menu
D-pad D-pad 1-4 Select individual weapons
I Inventory
P Individual stat
K Skills
M Map
L Mission Log
Minus Drop weapon

Vehicle Combat

Some vehicles can be commandeered, which requires a new control interface to succeed the normal first person interface used for pedestrian control.

360 PS3 PC Description
Left Stick Left Stick W,S Drive forward/backward
Right Stick Right Stick Mouse Look around/steer
LT L2 Right Mouse Button Fire primary weapon ("big gun")
RT R2 Left Mouse Button Fire secondary driver machine gun ("small gun")
LB L1 F Turbo/boost
RB R1 G View rear (turn camera 180 degrees)
Y Triangle C Swap seat
X Square E Enter/exit vehicle
A X Space Lock target (for main weapon)
Click Left Stick L3 / Click Left Stick H Honk horn

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