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Control Core Angel is an area only accessible during the missions Where Angels Fear to Tread and Where Angels Fear to Tread Part 2. After these missions, it is blocked by yellow tape and cannot be reentered. It is the home of Angel, who is in the captivity of Handsome Jack.


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Control Core Angel[]

Control Core Angel is a subterranean chamber that forms something of a prison for Angel. Equipment forms the walls and ceiling of the facility with Angel herself trapped in a containment vessel in the centre. Three overhead catwalks act as service access points to a trio of shield generators protecting three Eridium injectors used to amplify Angel's power. The floor of the chamber is protected by a number of retractable lightning generators and loader digistruct terminals. A trio of digistruct turret hardpoints further reinforce the defences from above. The chamber can be accessed by a door in the north wall to a room with a switch in the middle of it and a short corridor leading to the Bunker. A basic New-U Station in this adjoining area provides reconstruction should a character die.

Marcus Munitions Storeroom[]

Munitions Storeroom

Looting Limbo

The Marcus Munitions store room visited during Where Angels Fear to Tread Part 2 is on the Control Core Angel map rather than part of Sanctuary, although does not display as a room on the map. The only exit from the store room is the connection to Sanctuary with the destination being in the shooting range of Marcus's shop. The store room is simply a room packed with lootable objects from small safes to a pair of red weapons chests. It is only accessible during the mission and cannot be entered from Sanctuary.


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