Contractual Obligations is a tier 1 skill in Aurelia's Contractual Aristocracy skill tree.


When the melee button is held, Aurelia presents a contract, and may move while presenting it. When a Vault Hunter melees the contract, Aurelia and the other character are bound until either one dies, upon which it expires and all beneficial buff stacks are lost.

So long as the contract is in effect, Aurelia gains 15% improved gun damage, and the servant gains 10% increased shield capacity.

Contractual Obligations does nothing else by itself and requires other talents to gain functionality.

While Duchess only benefits Aurelia and You First benefits the servant's survivability, the following talents benefit both players:


  • A contract icon will periodically appear on the left side of the screen to remind both Aurelia and the servant that they are currently bound by a contract.
  • Stacks persist if the servant disconnects or quits the game. If the servant returns and signs the contract again, stacks come back into play at their pre-existing levels.

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