Contraband Sky Rocket is a unique grenade mod manufactured by Bandit. In Borderlands 2, it can be obtained as a downloadable bonus included with the pre-release limited editions, "Deluxe Vault Hunter's Edition", "Ultimate Loot Chest Edition", "Collector's Edition Pack" DLC or the "Game of the Year Edition".

It returned in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, but it was only available during the first few days of the Doppleganger Pack's release, and could only be acquired by destroying specific barrels, which were designated with an American flag design.

Special Grenade Effects

WARNING: Not intended for indoor use – Flies upwards and releases a large burst of "fireworks". Greatly increased damage and is scaled to the character's level.

Usage & Description

The Sky Rocket's path follows that of an exponential line: flying forward for a short distance then rapidly curving upwards into the sky – unless it hits a wall, whereupon it ricochets similar to the angle it contacted with. It explodes at about 15 meters into the air, appearing visually as a small display of fireworks, firing out relatively powerful sparklers, similar to a Bouncing Betty Grenade, which sprays all of its projectiles at once.

The Sky Rocket has no listed damage since its damage is relative to the level of the player's character. Sky Rockets wielded by a level 1 character will be generally much stronger than common level 1 grenades, and the damage will keep increasing each level a character attains.

When used indoors with relatively low ceilings to confine the subsequent explosion, the grenade can deal extensive damage and engulf any surviving enemies in fire. In close quarters, it has a tendency to bounce off walls and rebound dangerously close to the character.

Due to the trajectory of the grenade, outdoor use is more difficult against smaller enemies. In order to compensate, the grenade can be thrown with the camera slightly angled towards the ground. Jumping while doing so can help prevent the grenade from bouncing off the ground and, as result, detonating too high.

It is useful against the large bosses in the game since they are generally bigger, and tall enough to receive the full brunt of the grenade's high and wide-area coverage.


  • This grenade mod, along with the Cobra, was dropped by the Badassasaurus on Day 28 of the Borderlands 2 $100,000 Loot Hunt. A hotfix on that day increased the explosion radius.
  • This grenade mod is considered a MIRV grenade within the game statistics, as any kills acquired via the use of this grenade mod contribute to the "EXPLOOOOOSIONS!" challenge.
  • The Contraband Sky Rocket's damage is not affected by Overpower levels.
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