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Contact is a contact-based Grenade Mod manufactured by Tediore (explosive) or Maliwan (any other elements). It explodes when touching an enemy.

Usage and Description[]

Contact grenades detonate when they come in contact with any enemy or construct. If a thrown Contact grenade does not touch an enemy it will bounce a short distance and detonate after three seconds. Should an enemy touch the grenade before its fuse expires it will explode. If a Contact is thrown at a wall it will impact the surface, fall to the ground, and wait for its fuse to run out or for an enemy contact. Since the Contact grenade detonates upon impact with enemies care should be taken not to throw a Contact Grenade at nearby enemies as the explosion will harm the thrower or allies. Contact grenades can be useful in a variety of defensive and offensive measures. When encountering known spawn points, such as the Circle of Slaughter and Circle of Duty missions, Contacts can be placed around the spawn points shortly before triggering the spawn to deliver massive damage to the enemy vanguard. When in areas with enemies that must come in close to attack, such as the mostly melee-based zombies of The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, Contact grenades can be placed in the path of on-coming foes to deliver damage before they reach their target.


  • If thrown accurately, Contact grenades can be used against air-borne enemies as their detonation is contact-based rather than fuse-based.
  • Contact Grenades will not detonate unless a direct hit is made so care should be taken when throwing these. Players may consider using Rubberized Grenades as an alternative: They fill the same basic role, but detonate on close proximity to an opponent.