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Concordia is an area in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. It is a city on Elpis and the central mission hub in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.


Concordia was Elpis' largest and greatest space port... that is until DAHL's mining operations caused "The Crackening". After that, many survivors congregated to the city for safety. Now, Concordia is the safest place on Elpis, protected from the Scavs and deadly creatures across the moon's surface. Concordia was run under the laws of a man who called himself "The Merrif" (a title that "sounded better in His head"), who the citizens had apparent disdain for.


Points of Interest[]

The Black Market[]

The Black Market is a store run by Crazy Earl. Storage Deck Upgrades can be purchased here using Moonstones.

Nurse Nina's Jab'N'Go![]

The local clinic run by Nurse Nina. All newcomers to Concordia have to come here for decontamination before entrance.

Moxxi's Up Over[]

Moxxi's is a bar near the center of town. Moxxi, Lilith, and Roland can be found here. There are two slot machines inside the bar which provide prizes such as cash, weapons, and moonstones (along with the occasional exploding grenade); the cost to play them varies based on the storyline level.

A number of Moxx-tail cocktails line the bar here which can be consumed, providing a 30-minute buff to one of several characteristics, such as health or ammo regeneration. Only one cocktail can be used at a time, and each cost 10 Moonstones to use.

Springs' Emporium of Stuff[]

Springs' is a garage and workshop area ran by Janey Springs. It contains the Grinder and an ammo vendor, as well as an ECHO which contains Janey's poetic takes on the Vault Hunter's progress.


The stash is located in CU5TM-TP's office. It allows players to share up to four items between their characters.


Story Missions[]

Side Missions[]



  • Golden Keys can be used to unlock the Golden Chest in the town square. A SHiFT station nearby allows for redemption of additional SHiFT rewards.
  • "Concordia" also means "Harmony" in Latin.


  • On the lip above the elevator entrance there is a unique safebox that when opened plays the Mechromancer's Discord skill effect. The box was designed by a child named Isaiah, sponsored by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, who visited Gearbox Software.[1] His name can be seen on the inside of the box.