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Company Man is a unique shotgun in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel manufactured by Hyperion. It is obtained from the Shift station in Concordia by owning the season pass for Tales from the Borderlands.

Special Weapon Effects

Rhys will remember this. – Greatly increased magazine size (up to 3x higher than a same-level purple Thinking), and moderately increased damage.

Usage & Description

Despite having no particular unique red-text effect, the Company Man is a very effective Hyperion shotgun. The weapon has great synergy with various characters that benefit from the Hyperion reverse-recoil effect, such as Nisha and Athena. Aurelia, in particular, can use the Company Man very effectively with Large Caliber, as even with 11/5 points in the skill, the Company Man retains a larger-than-average magazine size.

However, the Company Man can only be obtained as a Shift reward, meaning that each character can only acquire it once; this makes it difficult to acquire multiple copies of the gun in different elements.

Like most Hyperion-barreled Hyperion shotguns, the Company Man has a spread shaped like a tall, vertically-oriented rectangle, so it is sometimes better to aim for the center of a human target instead of the head so that the maximum number of pellets hit the enemy.


  • The large print of the Atlas logo on the weapon and the flavor text are a reference to the events of Tales from the Borderlands.