Common is the term used to describe weapons of the lowest rarity. Items of non-exclusive non-legendary make are commonly produced by all companies which produce that item type. They can be white, green, blue, and they all have exotic variants in purple with maximum stats and multiple accessories.

Common items in Borderlands 2

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Item Group Title Item Type Manufacturer Minimum rarity
Bushwack Shotguns Jakobs Green
Callipeen Sniper Rifles Jakobs White
Cannon Assault Rifles Jakobs Green
Chinook Sniper Rifles Jakobs White
Coach Gun Shotguns Jakobs White
Diaub Sniper Rifles Jakobs White
Gatling Gun Assault Rifles Jakobs Green
Iron Pistols Jakobs Green
Longarm Pistols Jakobs White
Longrider Shotguns Jakobs White
Muckamuck Sniper Rifles Jakobs White
Quad Shotguns Jakobs Blue
Renegade (class mod) Class Mods Jakobs White
Revolver Pistols Jakobs White
Rifle Assault Rifles varies White
Scarab Assault Rifles Jakobs White
Scattergun Shotguns Jakobs White
Sniper (class mod) Class Mods Jakobs White
Wheelgun Pistols Jakobs Blue
Widow Maker Pistols Jakobs White
Absorb Shield Shields Vladof White
Anarchist (class mod) Class Mods Vladof White
Anarchist (pistol) Pistols Vladof Green
Assassin Pistols Vladof White
Bratchny Sniper Rifles Vladof White
Cloud Grenade Grenade Mods Vladof White
Droog Sniper Rifles Vladof White
Fighter Pistols Vladof Green
Fire Burst Grenade Grenade Mods Vladof White
Glory Rocket Launchers Vladof White
Guerrilla Assault Rifles Vladof White
Gunner Class Mods Vladof White
Hero Rocket Launchers Vladof White
Hoarder Class Mods Vladof White
Horrorshow Sniper Rifles Vladof White
Monk Class Mods Vladof White
Pooshka Sniper Rifles Vladof White
Renegade (assault rifle) Assault Rifles Vladof White
Rocketeer Assault Rifles Vladof Green
RPG Rocket Launchers Vladof White
Spinigun Assault Rifles varies Green
Stalker (class mod) Class Mods Vladof White
TMP Pistols Vladof White
Tesla Grenade Grenade Mods Vladof White
Trickster Class Mods Vladof White
Troublemaker Pistols Vladof White
Vanquisher Rocket Launchers Vladof White
Matriarch Class Mods Pangolin White
Pointman Class Mods Pangolin White
Tank Class Mods Pangolin White
Technophile Class Mods Pangolin White
Turtle Shield Shields Pangolin White
Acurate smgg Submachine Guns Bandit White
area efect Rocket Launchers Bandit White
Ass Beeter! (pistol) Pistols Bandit Green
Ass Beeter! (rifle) Assault Rifles Bandit White
Banshee Class Mods Bandit White
Barbarian Class Mods Bandit White
Barfy Submachine Guns Bandit Green
Blister Class Mods Bandit White
bombabarbardeer Rocket Launchers Bandit White
Burny Submachine Guns Bandit Green
Carbene Assault Rifles Bandit White
Cleric Class Mods Bandit White
Crunch Class Mods Bandit White
Devastator Class Mods Bandit White
Hed Shoter! Pistols Bandit White
Launcher Rocket Launchers varies White
longer ragne kilier Shotguns Bandit White
Magamum! Pistols Bandit White
Mashine Gun Assault Rifles Bandit White
Maylay Shield Shields Bandit White
Meat Class Mods Bandit White
MIRV (Bandit) Grenade Mods Bandit White
oberkil! Shotguns Bandit Blue
Pistal Pistols Bandit White
Punk Class Mods Bandit White
Raider Class Mods Bandit White
Ratatater! Pistols Bandit Green
Reaper Class Mods Bandit White
Rokets! Assault Rifles Bandit Green
rokgun Submachine Guns Bandit White
Room Clener Shotguns Bandit Green
Shoky Submachine Guns Bandit Green
Sickle Class Mods Bandit White
Skatergun Shotguns Bandit White
Slab Class Mods Bandit White
Slagy Submachine Guns Bandit Green
smig Submachine Guns Bandit White
Stret Sweper Shotguns Bandit White
Survivor Class Mods Bandit White
Toast Class Mods Bandit White
Torch Class Mods Bandit White
Wound Class Mods Bandit White
Zooka! Rocket Launchers Bandit White
Ace Submachine Guns Tediore White
Aimshot Pistols Tediore White
Bazooka Rocket Launchers Tediore White
Biggun Pistols Tediore White
Chaff Submachine Guns Tediore Green
Dispatch Rocket Launchers Tediore White
Double Barrels! Shotguns Tediore White
Green Submachine Guns Tediore Green
Grenade Grenade Mods varies White
Handgun Pistols Tediore White
Home Security Shotguns Tediore White
Jill of All Trades Class Mods Tediore White
Kindle Submachine Guns Tediore Green
Necromancer Class Mods Tediore White
Power Shot Pistols Tediore Green
Quickshot Pistols Tediore Green
Shield Shields Tediore White
Shotgun Supreme! Shotguns Tediore Blue
Spark Submachine Guns Tediore Green
Special Submachine Guns Tediore White
Sportsman Shotguns Tediore White
Spread Rocket Launchers Tediore White
Subcompact MG Submachine Guns Tediore White
Triple Barrels! Shotguns Tediore Green
Bangstick Shotguns Torgue White
Beast Class Mods Torgue White
Berserker Class Mods Torgue White
Blaaa Rocket Launchers Torgue White
Boom Rocket Launchers Torgue White
Deee! Rocket Launchers Torgue White
Duuurp! Rocket Launchers Torgue White
Grenadier (class mod) Class Mods Torgue White
Hand Cannon Pistols Torgue White
Hole Puncher Pistols Torgue White
Hulk Shotguns Torgue Green
Injector Pistols Torgue Green
Lance Assault Rifles Torgue White
MIRV (Torgue) Grenade Mods Torgue White
Nova Shield Shields Torgue White
Pounder Shotguns Torgue White
Ravager Shotguns Torgue Blue
Rod Pistols Torgue Green
Root Assault Rifles Torgue White
Slapper Pistols Torgue White
Spike Shield Shields Torgue White
Spitter Assault Rifles Torgue Green
Stalker (shotgun) Shotguns Torgue White
Torpedo Assault Rifles Torgue Green
Anaconda Pistols Dahl White
Beetle Submachine Guns Dahl Green
Booster Shield Shields Dahl White
Bouncing Betty Grenade Mods varies White
Carbine Assault Rifles Dahl White
Defender Assault Rifles Dahl White
Eel Submachine Guns Dahl Green
Engineer Class Mods Dahl White
Falcon Submachine Guns Dahl White
Fox (submachine gun) Submachine Guns Dahl White
Grenadier (assault rifle) Assault Rifles Dahl Green
Infiltrator Class Mods Dahl White
Jackal Submachine Guns Dahl Green
Magnum Pistols Dahl White
Minigun Assault Rifles Dahl Green
Negotiator Pistols Dahl Green
Peacemaker Pistols Dahl Green
Prodigy Class Mods Dahl White
Professional Class Mods Dahl White
Ranger Class Mods Dahl White
Repeater Pistols Dahl White
Rifleman Class Mods Dahl White
Scorpion Submachine Guns Dahl Green
Scout Sniper Rifles Dahl White
SMG Submachine Guns Dahl White
Sniper (sniper rifle) Sniper Rifles Dahl White
Strike Sniper Rifles Dahl White
Terror Sniper Rifles Dahl White
Veteran Class Mods Dahl White
War Dog Class Mods Dahl White
Adaptive Shield Shields Anshin White
Nurse Class Mods Anshin White
Sweetheart Class Mods Anshin White
Tactician Class Mods Anshin White
Titan Class Mods Anshin White
Warder Class Mods Anshin White

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