The Commerce is a unique SMG manufactured by Hyperion. The Commerce can be obtained as a common drop from Assassin Wot in Southpaw Steam & Power.

Special Weapon Effects

I have a Soldier, a Siren, two Scooters and a Claptrap. – Always Shock, reduced damage and faster reload. When moving, a flashing animated effect covers the entire weapon surface. Also gains accuracy faster than most Hyperion firearms, with the exception of the Bitch.

Usage & Description

The Commerce is a below average SMG in most circumstances. As it is an early-game drop it can be of use to players in their first playthrough, but it's soon outclassed by almost every other purple-rarity or better SMG.


  • The Commerce can also drop from Assassin Wot on Digistruct Peak at the end of the A History of Simulated Violence mission.
  • The Commerce can be a somewhat rare drop from Assassin Wot due to the assassins having a large loot pool.


  • The Commerce's red text is a reference to a comment made by James Gaius Watt stating "I have a black, a woman, two Jews and a cripple. And we have talent."

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