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Commandant Steele-Trap is a boss encountered in Claptrap's New Robot Revolution.


Commandant Steele was once a ruthless Crimson Lance commander overseeing all Lance operations on Pandora. Seeking to exploit the Crimson Lance objectives of acquiring advanced alien technology for her own ends, she soon came into contact with the deranged researcher, Patricia Tannis, and used the scientist's knowledge with Lance resources in a relentless bid for power. Steele's lust for power ultimately proved her undoing when the Vault hunters arrived and instigated a series of events that took both themselves and Steele on a race to uncover the mysterious and legendary Vault. Although she reached the site first, and captured the adventurers soon after, her triumph turned to disaster when she unwittingly unleashed The Destroyer that promptly killed her.


Some time later, she found herself suddenly awake in an unfamiliar place, and in her attempt to complete her victory speech also found herself conflicted by new directives to fight for the glory of claptraps everywhere. More shocking still was the discovery of a gaping hole where her abdomen used to be and the Vault hunters standing before her once again. With instructions to kill the intruders, and those same intruders having been a thorn in her side for far too long, who was she to argue? The Vault hunters would have to die!



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  • The key works! Soldier, get your team ready to go inside while I finish off ... Wait, where am I? What happened to the vault? WHY IS THIS HOLE HERE?!? - cutscene (re)introduction
  • Please, just kill me... let me die with my dignit- TSK TSK TSK TSK Ooooh, check me out! Yeah! Get Down! - Upon dying, first encounter
  • Unce! Unce! Unce!... I was better off with a damn tentacle through my chest. - Upon starting battle, second encounter
  • I... I... I think I lost the beat...Unce... - Upon dying, second encounter
During battle
  • An easy mark.
  • Attack!
  • Farewell, Traveler.
  • For the Crimson Lance! - Despite now serving the Robolution
  • I will crush you in my grasp... like a steel trap.
  • I will peel the flesh from your bones!
  • Stay Down!
  • Suffer!
  • Twenty points if you can shoot it through the hole!
  • Viva la Robolution!!! Wait, we're not seriously calling it that?
  • Why do you persist when you know I will destroy you?
  • You will kneel before Steele. Not a bad catchphrase.
Taking damage
  • Batteries draining.
  • Full system failure!
  • I'm bleeding... coolant?
  • I'm hit!
  • No!
  • Sustaining structural damage... I mean injuries!
  • Taking fire!
  • Taking heavy damage!
  • Unit in need of repairs.
  • You'll pay for that.
  • Dying this way makes me feel empty inside. - Upon dying, not specific to location
  • So you finally killed me yourself. - Upon dying, not specific to location
  • There are worse ways to die...and I keep finding them. - Upon dying, not specific to location


  • In Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 1, Steele-Trap's body is found on display in Shade's Emporium of Curiosities.


  • How the Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap retrieved her from The Destroyer and the Vault is not clarified.
  • When Steele-Trap is met for the first time, she continues where she left off just prior to being impaled by The Destroyer, including a display of shock as to not only where she is, but also where the hole in her abdomen came from.
  • Although she continues her interrupted speech from the Vault, her dialogue differs from the original.
  • Steele-Trap's assimilation causes her to include fragments of regular Claptrap dialogue in her speech. When defeated the first time, she says "Please, just kill me. Let me die with my dignit-dignity, TSK, TSK, TSK, TSK, Ooooh, check me out! Yeah! Get Down!", and during the second encounter she says, "I... I... I think I lost the beat. Unce..."
  • Steele-Trap has lost her Siren tattoos and now features tattoos resembling circuits.